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Title: Sorcerer for Spies?
Post by: Matt Wilson on January 09, 2004, 01:31:14 PM
Last night we were playing us some Spycraft, and I was thinking, man, there needs to be a good spy game that doesn't use a microfiche character sheet. Naturally my thoughts turned to Sorcerer.

Here's some ideas...

With S it'd be the dilemma of "what are you willing to do for your country" or something like that.

Demons are organizations - or maybe departments of those organizations - that grant the players various cool gadgets and stuff. Naturally they have needs.

Humanity would maybe have to do with individuality. You get caught up in the "spy game" and you lose your sense of self; you become just a pawn in someone else's scheme.

Many of the powers could be applied to spy gear. Being able to use it would imply that you either are or aren't carrying the gear in question at the time.

Any other thoughts on this?

Title: Sorcerer for Spies?
Post by: jburneko on January 09, 2004, 01:36:32 PM
Actually, I had a similar thought some time ago.  Here's the thread that came from that thought:

I've since thought about doing a Sorcerer spy thriller where the demons are still explicitly Demons with all the attendant metaphorical and unnaturalness.  Something a kin to Ron's Demon Cops on an international scale.

I also suggest taking a look at the free Deathwish .pdf available for the game Dust Devils that converts the mechanics from western to spy thriller.