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new variant of The Puddle

Started by amel, February 19, 2004, 08:37:22 AM

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Hi, I posted a variant of The Puddle at the Adept Press Forum.



Hi Andreas:

I read your puddle variant posted on Schismatic Puddle. I hope this is the one you're talking about.

I think this is really great. It answers one of my questions about the Pool and its variants. Namely, how I could use the rules (or a variant) to run a horror game. I can see using your addition of "Black Dice" for a "Sanity" mechanic ala Call of Cthulhu, a "Horrible Death" mechanic in a campy, B-movie slasher type game, and a "Corruption" mechanic akin to turning to the Dark Side in Star Wars.

Really great idea, IMO.

I wish my first post on the Forge was this good. I look forward to hearing more from you.


James V. West

Yeah, that is a really cool idea. Anytime you can use black dice in a contextual manner is, IMO, a damn good thing.