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New Forum In Order

Started by jburneko, December 10, 2001, 06:21:00 PM

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Hello All,

This is just a thought that occured to me.  We have the GNS forum for discussing the GNS model directly.  Then we have the RPG Theory forum which is for discussing things like Stances and other observed player behaviors.  I feel as though these two forums mainly relate either to system design or analysis of player behavior.

Indie Game Design seems to be the forum for discussing concrete examples of how the above two forums relate to actual system design.  And finally Actual Play is for discussing issues and examples that have arisen from our own personal gaming experiences.

However, *I'm* particularly interested in actual in game techniques.  How to get the most out of a given system?  How to plan games to fasciliate certain player behaviors?  How to improve my GMing style and so forth.  I usually stick these questions in RPG Theory but that never seems correct because they don't relate either to the further study of player behavior nor to the analysis of system design.  They are more like Adventure and Scenario Design.

So perhaps we need a new forum for this kind of thing called, "Potential Play" or "Scenario Design" or something like that.  

Just my thoughts.


Jack Spencer Jr

I dunno...

That sounds like it'd work in the Actual Play forum.


Ron Edwards

Actual Play all the way, Jesse. Role-playing includes prep, musing, and anything else leading up to play or potential play, for GMs or players. My Nobilis thread is a good example; I doubt we'll actually play before February.