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Will there be another Forge Birthday forum next week?

Started by quozl, March 26, 2004, 08:07:55 PM

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Walt Freitag

I'd vote (or let's say 'advocate,' since this ain't no democracy) for it, on the basis of last year's being successful as far as I can tell. By 'successful' I mean I personally enjoyed it. I also mean that it appeared to neither be ignored/underused, nor to attract an excessive volume of posts or otherwise become a significant distraction, nor to adversely affect subsequent discourse. (There may have been fewer posts in the main forums during the days the b'day forum was open, but if so I don't see that as a problem.)

Anyone else have an opinion on this? Ron and Clinton, do you have any objection to the expression of such opinions here (meaning, in this thread)?

- Walt
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Ron Edwards

Hi Walt,

I'll render all opinions on the topic completely moot, because I loved the Birthday Forum last year and very much want to do it again. The question is whether Clinton has the time to set it up. I'll get on finding out the answer to that immediately.



Ooo, that sounds interesting.  When is the Forge's birthday?
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Matt, the old Forge Birthday forum can be found in the Inactive Forums section, or just click here. Check the welcome sticky for information.

Clinton R. Nixon

There will most certainly be a Forge Birthday Forum again this year, lasting again from April 3 to April 7th. Come as your favorite RPG character! (Or not. Actually, please don't.)
Clinton R. Nixon
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Matt Machell

I'm glad this is happening. I think last year's brought in a few new people, and made the lighter side of the Forge more obvious to casual browsers.



Happy birthday, Forge!

Where do we find the birthday forum?


Um, any luck putting up the birthday forum?  Just wondering if I'm not looking in the right place or something.
Chris Lehrich

Ron Edwards

Hey! Can you guys chill out a minute? Clinton and I don't get paid for this.