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Started by nataix, April 03, 2004, 03:48:52 AM

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Welcome to the last bastion of humanity, where Earth is but a distant memory. This world is known as Ad Tair. Here humanity is but one of many species struggling to survive. Races and civilizations are isolated from one another and most of the planet's technology has been wiped out in a single cataclysmic event. The devastating effects of that horrible accident can still be seen. A dark billowing mass of swirling fog is all that can be seen of what was once Mt. McKenna. A secret project based there was responsible. Now another project is entering a critical phase. This long-forgotten secret could mean the destruction of this world – or its salvation. The name of the project is PROTEUS.

PROTEUS is a new RPG available for free at
Sean McLaughlin

Ron Edwards


Welcome to the Forge. Unfortunately, your post isn't suitable for this site, and I'll let you know how you can start over.

Participate in discussions. You can talk about publishing, about ideas, about new games that are in development, actually playing your or other games, and similar things. You can refer to Proteus if it's relevant, without press-release type announcements.

I also strongly recommend that you post about your experiences in playing the game, in the Actual Play forum. That will generate interest for people to come and check out your site.

So, this thread is closed which means no one should post to it again. But that's not a slam on you; I hope that you check out the forums at the Forge very carefully, to learn what we talk about in each one and how, and then join in. There's a lot here that the small publisher can gain/