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Started by Walt Freitag, April 03, 2004, 11:29:11 PM

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Walt Freitag

Everyone, there are one or more new threads in each forum started by Optix. Each has a subject line designed -- albeit crudely -- to sound relevant to that forum. Please don't post to any of those threads unless and until the moderators say otherwise. Also, do not click the link in the posts (it's the same link in each one). In fact, I'd suggest not even viewing the posts, though I'm not sure that makes any difference.

Optix has also posted the same spam in existing threads. Don't click the link there either, or address Optix directly, as you continue the discussion in those threads. Let the moderators handle it.

- Walt
Wandering in the diasporosphere


For something like this I would support deletion and banning.

Certainly reporting the ISP number to his service provider.

Christopher Weeks

The game that he is linking to supports some kind of anti-spam policing.  Another option is to follow the link on through to the report this spammer option (upper right from his page) and send them a harsh message.  I'm sure that opting not to follow the link is better, but if you've already done so (as I did...doh!) make sure you report him to deny him the advantage of using your link and possibly make trouble for him.


Ron Edwards


This is what that inactive forum is for. I'm on it.