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Happy Holidays!

Started by Ben Morgan, December 25, 2001, 09:21:00 PM

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Ben Morgan

I just got Sorcerer and S&S for my brother for Christmas. I was actually torn. Did I want to give him both books, or just the main book, and keep S&S for myself, since I didn't have a copy yet?

In the end, I decided to be generous, because it's the spirit of the season or whatever, and anyway I can always borrow it from him later. Besides, he needs the influx of new roleplaying concepts more than I do right now (he's Sim by Habit, and I am trying to get him to see the merits of trying Narrativist-type stuff).


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I bought a copy of S&S for my sister's boyfriend.  He picked up a copy of Sorcerer at GenCon and had enjoyed reading it, so I figured I'd try to keep his collection complete and up-to-date.  As it turns out, he and his friends are pretty close to giving Sorcerer a trial run, so the new sourcebook came at a good time.  I'm hoping that his game comes off well, and that he decides to join us here at The Forge to tell us all about it.

- Moose

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