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Author Topic: Scenario for my Demon Cops game: Better to Burn Out  (Read 1846 times)

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« on: April 11, 2004, 05:36:07 AM »

This is a scenario I'd like to include in my Demon Cops game, though It still has a few rough edges.


Calista Stocker was one of the most successfull girls at a Diablo Del Rey Junior High School. Pretty, smart and popular far above what anyone could expect from her half-demon roots. Not that anyone knew. She kept her horns tucked in behind a fashionable haircut that looked way too old for her.

No one ever really suspected, that is, except her math teacher that found her out. Of course he was willing to not tell anyone about it in exchange for certain favors.

Well, that's before his head exploded into a firey pit flaming over his remaining neck. But that's going ahead.

Her human mother, Julia Stocker, a sacrifice cultist, knew everything about her daughter's situation, espicially about the math teacher, as she was the one to alert him of her daughter's heritage. Julia has always wanted to cultivate the feelings of oppression-fueled rage in her daughter, in order to bring about a sacrifice demon to represent her own struggle.  

Calista, desperate to escape her Math teacher's advances, pleaded for her mother to help her summon a soloution. Julia readily agreed and thus they summoned Flameheart, a sacrifice demon, a tool of unholy vengence taking the form of a cross pendant, the backside of it red with black etchings, and an eye in the center.

Flameheart had a preliminary demand though. As the demon needs it's user to expierince social injustice, it required Calista to attend the fall dance showing her horns publicly. She didn't expect the shocked and disdained reactions from her peers. Nonetheless, Flameheart did honor his bargain. A week ago the police found the Math teacher's body.

The kids at school are highly suspect of her now that she never hides her horns behind made up hair. She makes alot of new enemies, she gives Flameheart alot more sustainance, and sometimes she gets pissed off. The popular kids who used to have to settle for living in her shadow take very kindly to the idea of publicly humiliating her which Calista seems to go along with with a sense of duty, to feed Flameheart. She's also receiving violent threats, but no one dares confront her physcially.

Just now the geometry teacher made a pretty clever remark in class about how he wished she'd jump back into her bottle. She thought it was pretty funny, the way he burst into flames like an overheated racecar sprinting through the parking lot.


It's pretty safe to say that the scenario is one part Carrie and one part Ethinic Studies class. I'm wondering over a few points though:

1) The easiest soloution to this problem would very likely seem to be banishing the demon, the only really complexity: without any protection, she'd probably be up for a lynching. How would you present that effectively?

2) I'm wondering if I'm being abit too dark for Demon Cops. What with implied child molestion and hate crimes. If so could there be lighter story alternatives to fill in those gaps?

3) I'm not sure how Flameheart should work. I was thinking of the possibility that it sensed a subject of her anger, and than attacked that subject. I figure that in the long run this would make Flameheart more dangerous as it could destroy people/things that Calista is angry at but won't explicity try to kill. However, would it damage the meaningfullness of Calista's use of Flameheart?

4) Does Calista seem not motivated enough to be a Sorcerer, espicially the user of such a dangerous demon and just after she got rid of the main target of her rage, the math teacher? Should I add in more motivation?
Ron Edwards
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« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2004, 12:27:40 PM »

Hi Sirogit,

All of the answers to your questions should be answered when you consider the Kickers that the players write, as well as any and all interactions among people as they make up characters and chat (brainstorm) about the upcoming game. Everything you need to know about atmosphere, graphic content, depth of motivational prep, and how the player-characters want to deal with various sorts of crises should come from there.

Answering themself by yourself at this stage is a very bad idea; you'll start railroading and falling in love with your own phrasings and events.

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