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300 members by 2002?

Started by Jason L Blair, December 28, 2001, 08:16:00 PM

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Jason L Blair

Yeah, yeah, 10,000 messages was eeeeeeeeeeeasy. Think we can recruit 19 new members by midnight-oh-one 01.01.02 and make that number a sweet 3-hunny? I'm not just talking different accounts (though I know some people probably have multiple currently) but nineteen actual new members.

Jason L Blair
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joshua neff

I'm on my way to Kansas City International Airport right now to hand out flowers & try to convert people to the Forge.

"Ronny Krishna, Krishna Krishna..."

"You can't ignore a rain of toads!"--Mike Holmes


I even have the bald noggin for that! But I know two or three people in the Weds nite group that should join up... I know at least one of them lurks here.

And besides, I hate wearing those funny orange mu-mu's. :smile:
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On 2001-12-28 15:18, joshua neff wrote:
"Ronny Krishna, Krishna Krishna..."

Okay, that's really funny.  The CoRE membership card was funnier but this is pretty funny.

Right now, I'm seeing a post-apocalyptic game in which gaming has been elevated to a major cultural status symbol.  Kind of what's implied but never really explored in eXistenZ.  I see several Tribe 8 style clans forming around famous game designers.  Gygax, Tynes, Wick, etc...  And of course there'd be the actual Cult of Ron Edwards.


Mike Holmes

Oop. Make that eighteen.

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