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Disapearing thread?

Started by Gordon C. Landis, December 07, 2001, 02:40:00 AM

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Gordon C. Landis

Hey - I *swear* I had a post in this forum about the "broken" History of the Forge link on the main page . . . and it's gone.

The link's still broken, but . . . did I offend someone by mentioning it?  Am I about to get blacklisted?  You Forge folks are out to get me, I KNOW it! :smile: . . .

Alright, maybe not funny.  I couldn't resist.  But it is a mystery.

Gordon (under construction)

Ron Edwards


Clinton, did you ever find this? I remember Gordon's post (that he's referring to), and I looked all over.

Was this during the "database hiccup" that otherwise had no effect? It seems like it was around that time.


P.S. (editing this in) And no, there was no stupid conspiracy to eliminate the post. The history link is empty because we haven't written it and were too lazy to get around to it between the multiple other crises and hassles of the past year.
P.P.S. And no offense taken. I'm a pretty direct and uncomplicated guy; if someone bugs me, I simply tell the person immediately. No wondering necessary.

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Clinton R. Nixon

I never found it. I even remember seeing it, which is odd. We've had a few database hiccups over the last year, but I've talked with our web hosts about it, and it shouldn't happen again.

And as for the link - I'm lazy. That's all. Pelt me with fruits and vegetables. I'll make it a New Year's resolution, really.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games