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[MLWM] how short can M&M creation be?

Started by kwill, April 27, 2004, 12:26:31 PM

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I would like to get a MLWM game going soon, as my group will have a limited time to play (the rest of the quarter before mid-year vac)

I have the option of having a 1-hour M&M creation session out of our time slot, then starting the weekly games, or using the first session for M&M creation

is 1 hour enough, or is a full (3-hour) session of discussion needed for M&M creation?

I would prefer not to do a half-creation, half-play session, as I feel I should do some prep after creation to avoid wishy-washy scenes (objections welcome :)

Michael S. Miller

Depends on how many players, and how vocal they are. I've run M&M creation in about 1hr 30min. for a group of three players, but I was tripping over myself to "stay out of their way." Unfortunately, so was everyone else. So there was a lot of times folks said "Hey, we could do [Insert Cool Idea here], but we don't have to. I'm okay with other ideas, too."

As you can well imagine, we didn't make very swift progress. However,the end results are [MLwM] Dr. Sweet's Clinic

I'll be running MLwM at a convention this weekend, and intend to do M&M creation  at the table, hopefully 45 min. max. I intend to try to lead, but not dominate, the discussion, and I'll definitely have a list of example More Thans & Less Thans on hand for inspiration.
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thanks for the tip michael - I remember now from previous posts that people have had trouble thinking up more & less thans

GB Steve

I've run MLwM at a couple of conventions and I think that if everyone participates you should be able to do the creation in about 20 minutes tops.

More importantly than providing lists for inspiration, I've found that getting players to do the creation in an atmosphere of cooperation works best.

You also have to make sure that the MT/LT are things that you can work with. Some combinations are not very suitable and you have to ask players to rethink them. Don't be afraid to say 'no', although 'yes, but ...' is preferable.


well, that was easy - it took 1.5 hours, including tangental discussion and considering options - we weren't all on top form, but we still had a good atmosphere with everyone pitching in to all ideas: master, setting and individual minions

the results can be found here:

any comments on Reason and Fear settings for a shortish (3-5 session) game? it's currently Reason 5, Fear 3

I'm also thinking of talking to Yancke (Old Man Mountain's player) about trying Self-Loathing 0, Weariness 3 just for a change of pace - but that'll be up to him

any other comments welcome too

play will begin on tuesday, and I'll post to Actual Play once there's been enough interesting stuff to talk about