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Non-Verbal Demons

Started by Judd, May 28, 2004, 07:00:49 PM

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I don't like 'em.  When my players make up Demons it is as if they are making these great NPC's for me to play and non-verbal Demons just make me feel like the player is being cheated out of cool interaction with this creature they have a fucked up dysfunctional relationship with and I get cheated of a neat NPC.

I admit that back and forth, PC to NPC banter is an important part of my games and my GMing repetoir.

How do people deal with non-verbal Demons, still making them menacing, still making them a relationship, still getting their mileage out of that mute Demon?

Ron Edwards

Hi Judd,

Check out Role-playing Object demons for some good dialogues on this one.



Read Stormbringer.

The way I put sentience into the object is that I decide on a theme of why they'd use their powers based on their Need and Desire and stick to it, keeping in mind that they are obliged to "work" for the Sorcerer, and I mean like how a good hand grenade works, you know it'll go off but you're not entirely sure on who.