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MLWM the Reality TV show

Started by Valamir, June 28, 2004, 11:12:57 PM

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If you haven't seen it, tune it to Blow Out, Bravo's latest entry into the realty TV show genre.

I think this is the best RTV series ever, because it is not real people being put into unreal and manufactured situations.  It is real people, in real situations behaving exactly as they really behave.

The show is about a beauty salon that Jonathan has started in Hollywood.  Its ostensibly about "can he get the business to work" and "look at all the beautiful people".

But what makes it absolutely wonderful (which they are quite probably totally oblivious to) is that it is a case study in dysfunctional relationships.

Jonathan is a Master...pure simple and absolutely a Master as any B horror mad scientist in some nameless slavic village has ever been.  Watching him play on people's hopes and dreams while milking them of their very sense of self worth in order to feed his own ego is both horrifying and scarily entertaining.  Its also very educational...almost like group therapy where you hear these stories others tell about their relationships and can immediately identify how broken they are, even if you can't see your own.

Only this guy isn't an actor playing the part of some dysfunctional asshole on some cheesy Lifetime movie.  This is just him, in the flesh, being himself, completely oblivious to the fact that he is the perfect model of everything a decent human being should not want to be.

And all of the little stylists are his minions.  Some crack under his tyrrany.  Others suck up and want to benefit from his abuse.  Others try to rebel and are smacked back down.  He has the whole berate-you-one-minute, be all sincere-and-compassionate the next routine is down to a tee.

Anybody wanting an object lesson in how a master should treat his minions needs to watch this show.  Its one of the most wretched things I've ever seen.  You literally want to go out to Hollywood and kick this guy's ass.

Deliciously twisted.