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My Life with "Princess" Diana

Started by Bob McNamee, June 26, 2004, 05:56:52 PM

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Bob McNamee

Bob McNamee wrote
QuoteFrom the title of the thread I was expecting a My Life with Master idea with Princess Diana as the Master.... :)

Markus replied
QuoteMe too! And I bet it would make an awesome game. Thanks for the idea.

And here all that time Prince Charles was just trying to make Overtures to his Connection.

Once Chuck and Di are divorced, it even follows "the Master must single" rule
Bob McNamee
Indie-netgaming- Out of the ordinary on-line gaming!

Bob McNamee



Prince Charles?

Sarah Ferguson?

her last date?

The kids?

Tabloid photographer?

World Press (or Tabloids)?
Everyone, but the World Press?

Beast type [..sensualist...(but that could just be tabloid hype)]

hmmm? (High Maintenance? :> )...but then that defines All Masters
Bob McNamee
Indie-netgaming- Out of the ordinary on-line gaming!

Jürgen Mayer

Jürgen Mayer
Disaster Machine Productions


Suddenly I have this urge to learn all about the things I've studiously ignored about the British royalty just so I can play this game.

I'm sure if I go and lie down for a while it will pass.