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'Most Popular Games' on the Resource Page

Started by Piers, June 29, 2004, 07:50:38 PM

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So this is entirely trivial, but has anyone noticed that the Most Popular Games section hasn't changed in, oh, I don't know, a couple of years?  

Not that I'm blaming Clinton for not updating it or anything (does it do it automatically?).  In fact at a guess, I'd imagine that they still are the games with the most hits.  However, it strikes me that they are probably still the games with the most hits, in part simply because they are the games on the front page.  More people see them; more people look at them; the hit counter continues to rack up; they stay on the front page.  This doesn't mean they aren't good games, but if their presence on that page is simply a result of their presence on that page, what's the point?  Is there a way that we can rotate other good games through there, where they might get a bit more exposure?

All of which is way down on my agenda for something that needs to be done, but I thought I'd point it out.


It's been pointed out before (he said resignedly). I have to say I'm disappointed nothing has been done about removing it or changing the way the code works in the last couple years, though I recall it was supposed to have been removed.

I'd personally like to see the counters automatically reset at the start of each month, giving all games a chance to shine and to mark rising and falling popularity levels, otherwise and mainly, it is an absolutely useless and ugly feature to have on the resources page.
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