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Fear and Unrequited Love Comes To Finland

Started by Paul Czege, July 01, 2004, 03:57:19 PM

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Paul Czege

Hey everyone,">Arkkikivi Publishing (kustannusyhtiö Arkkikivi), the joint publishing venture of Eero, Jari, and Markku Tuovinen will release their licensed Finnish translation of My Life with Master,">Kätyrin osa, this July at the Ropecon roleplaying convention in Helsinki. And I'm pretty damn excited. The game has been faithfully translated, in its entirety, and preserved in its arrangement. The cover and interior artwork is all new. Text relating the game to Finnish culture, literature, and film, and additional example text authored by Eero is provided as footnotes and sidebars--in whole, I think, setting a new standard for respectful game translation.

My Life with Master knows codependence.
And if you're doing anything with your Acts of Evil ashcan license, of course I'm curious and would love to hear about your plans

Emily Care


Go Paul, Eero et al! MLWM and the Scandi scene, a perfect marriage.

Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

Black & Green Games

Ben Lehman

Does this mean that MLWM is now nominated *twice* for this year's Diana Jones Awards?  Because that would be funny.


Jason L Blair


Big congrats, man. It's always cool seeing your work presented to an entirely different culture. I love picking up a copy of the French or
German editions of Little Fears and going, "I wrote this...AND I CAN'T READ IT!" It's the barm.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Christopher Weeks

Cool!  What do we do to get a copy?

Chris (who's daughter is Kivi Alexis, but doesn't actually read Finnish :-)

Eero Tuovinen

Quote from: Christopher WeeksCool!  What do we do to get a copy?

For our Finnish readers it's just a matter of contacting me. If someone else wants to collect incomprehensible foreign versions of indie games, he can also contact me, and I'll figure out the postage. Alternatively you can try to bribe us with stuff.

Chris (who's daughter is Kivi Alexis, but doesn't actually read Finnish :-)

A bad omen, that name. Aleksis Kivi is the guy who "lived from Fall till the Christmas morn" as the poet Eino Leino says. Then again, I'd be willing to die young if I got to create a culture...

Sorry, I just tend to get depressed with Kivi. I should probably get it off my chest by finishing my roleplaying game about romantic nationalism.
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I played my first session of "katyrin osa" (as the name goes in Finland) And I must say its awsome. More on my game can be found at MLw dr. frankenstein thread.


I've just finished reading Kätyrin Osa and I like it very much. I especially liked the quote from Aristotle. I haven't read the original, so I can't say anything about the translation, but I can't believe that the original could be any better (at least as far as the language is concerned).

I believe that I will be running a game next month.
Olli Kantola