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Author Topic: First Time Sorcerer, need some Help...  (Read 1843 times)

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« on: July 08, 2004, 05:21:56 AM »

Ok, first "hello everybody", after reading a lot of things here at the forge for over a year now I decided to buy Sorcerer and all 3 supplements.

My 6 and 1/2 years of RPG experience with a very dysfunctional Group has led to a great break but I will have a new group of players in the summerholidays this year. I decided to give Sorcerer (and Nar play) a try.
Everyone of these new players is a) female and b) a newcomer to all things RPG so we will discuss some stuff I prepared at our first session.

And that is were I need help...

My Idea is something I will call "The personal Gods-Setting" so Demons will be summoned Parts of the Human psyche that represent Archetyps of Gods of diverent Religions (even of religions that people invented by their own). Well these Gods have Agendas of their own and that is where the whole (normal) Demon-problematic beginns.

Humanity is defined as a Connection to Human Society, maybe I will go with some kind of Empathy-Desription and Connection to yourself (I don't have a name here yet, maybe Individualism")

Demonsummoning is bad for both things because you have to do stuff that sets you apart from society and from yourself

Most of this stuff is only a rought idea at the moment but I have two more weeks to work out the fine details.

Do you think that the Idea/Concept is easily understood by Newcomers? (I don't like the word newbie)

The other thing is I'm working on a relationship map based on the Osiris-Mythos from Agypt:

Adam Frost, now dead was the Head of Frost International and murderd by his own Brother Maximilian Frost

the widow, Benita Frost married Maximilian to rescue the crumbling Empire that Frost Internation is, she thought that her Husband and her child Alexander are some kind of (Half-Gods)

Alexander Frost, child of Benita and Adam Frost. Is a sorcerer and has one bound Demon : Horus, the demon knows that Maximilian killed Alex father and is working on revenge

Maximilian Frost, brother of Adam Frost, now Head of Frost International and a Sorcerer with one Bound Demon : Seth. Seth wants Alex dead like his Father, or far far away (somehow this reminds me of Hamlet)

Ok, up to date this is a very smal relationshipmap and I know it is not perfect but do you think something that small will work?

Does anyone have ideas to spice this up a bit? (If you have questions about something, just ask...)

I have chosen the Osiris-Mythos because it is this whole female/creation thing (I just have to work out how to insert this stuff into the game)

sorry for bad grammar and co., english is not my mothertongue


edit: forgot to mention Frost International is just a International Modern Day Corporation that does a lot of "stuff" import/export etc.

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Ron Edwards
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« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2004, 06:24:22 PM »

Oh, crap!! I totally missed this thread! Hisho, my sincere apologies, and I hope you're still here.

Quick answers, then.

1. I think your Humanity description is tremendously vague. You should provide two examples of player decisions (for characters) which would yield a Humanity gain roll, and two examples of such decisions which would require a Humanity check.

2. The small relationship map is fine, although I'm not sure why you have to have so much sorcery in it. Remember that the player-characters are all sorcerers - why not have only one brother be a sorcerer, and have the other one therefore require the need of one or more player-characters, very badly?

Let me know if this helps!

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