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Disappearing Post...

Started by Insect King, July 27, 2004, 11:15:05 AM

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Insect King

Hey there, Moderating persons.

I posted a new topic earlier today about an OGL-based rpg I was having to rewrite, and thus was asking for advice.

It seems to have vanished.

Any ideas?



Ron Edwards


Sometimes it's because I moved it to a new forum, but when I do that, I always send the person a private message. And in this case, I haven't moved it. So Clinton, any notions?

Oh yeah - possibly it simply didn't work for whatever software, cookie, or firewall reason. Did you actually see the thread, i.e., independently of the posting process?


Mike Holmes

Did you actually see it posted after you hit "submit?" Or did you cut out and head somewhere else before checking it? Sometimes (rarely, I've seen it like four times in 8000 posts) the process of posting gets hung up, and the post never makes it. In that case, back up, copy what you have, check the thread again - refreshing to be sure it's not there - and then post the copied info again if it's not there.

If you did see it posted, and it dissappeared, well, that would be a first AFAICT.

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I have several times clicked "Preview," read my post over, then closed the window without hitting "submit."
- Alan

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Insect King

Thanks for the response.

Chances I hit preview instead of submit. Oh well.

I'll just have to do it again.

Thanks again.