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Alternate TFoB Logo?

Started by Claymore, July 26, 2004, 04:11:46 PM

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Vagabond Elf

I kinda like the skull on the hilt, though I agree that the second one on the pommel is a bit much.  And thinking about it, it'd probably be better saved for some sort of undead/trollspawn book; the feel becomes very "Evil", and this book is more about the grunts & the reality of battle.

I don't think I like the huge chips near the tip & under the "e" in riddle; even if that is realistic it seems over the top.

The blood running all the way to the end works for me; it's dripped down the length while the sword was being used and is now dripping off as it's held out.


I'll second that. For me, TROS always had a very "authentic" feel. One step away from conan-like fantasy. While still permitting such play, of course.
I'm for more an authentic wepon, as well. The currently proposed logo would be great for a chaotic/evil/vampiric supplement. I usually find the classic elegance of period weapons missing in roleplaying books. :)


I don't know that the shape of the weapon is in question.  While would have rather had an authentic historical sword, the shape of the sword is the same in the Core Logo and the Beasts logo.  The only thing changing is the added color.  In the Core it was fire, in Beasts it was Ice, In Flower its Blood.

The more fantasy shaped sword has remained a constant.