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Author Topic: Fire Arms Rules (another set of)  (Read 8557 times)

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« on: July 26, 2004, 05:33:14 PM »

I've been using these quite successfully for quite a while now, so figured I'd share these too, and take any suggestions.  The only things I've changed from here are the mods vs Armour Value.  I sometimes raise them evenly by a few points across the board to compensate for modern body armour stats.

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« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2004, 05:33:46 PM »

Fire Arms Rules

1. Recoil

Recoil is -1 MP per additional round fired after the first in a turn.  Heavier weapons may cost more, smaller calibur weapons may cost less.
An appropriately braced LMG can fire a normal burst at a smaller cost.  Example:M-249 firing a 6 round burst, cost is -3 MP.

2. Determining Hits/Damage

Successes count towards damage as usual, and # of successes = the # of hits.  For weapons with very high rates of fire, 1 success can count for several hits.

3. Rapid Fire

Expedited method

Use one roll with all cumulative modifiers to resolve the burst.

Regular Method

Roll same increment of MP once for each round fired, with the appropriate modifiers for each shot.

4. Hit Location

Roll a D6 seperately for each round that hits.
Some techniques, such as hip shots or blind fire, may require rolling for a random hit location on the falling damage table.

5. Firing Techniques

Hip Shots
-1 MP per 1 meter.  Roll hits on the random falling table at GM discretion.

Reflexive Fire/Point Shooting
This is simply handled by firing before the MP refreshes by a 2nd increment.

Shooting on the move
To fire a weapon with any accuracy while moving requires a terrain roll.  If failed or you just don't care, treat as blind fire below, if you think there's really any chance to hit.  This is in effect for all ranged weapons.
Hurried: 8 Sprinting: 10
Or terrain modifier, whichever is worse.

Blind Fire
If you know where your opponent is, but can't aim (around a corner, in the dark, blinded partially or fully, etc.) Your ATN is 10, regardless of the weapon, but there is no recoil penalty (!) as the recoil can make hits as likely as not.  Range penalties are -1 per 5 meters unless they're already worse, regardless of the weapon.  Usually you will have to have seen your opponent and fire on the next turn to use this.  It is best done with automatic weapons.

6. Explosions and Fire

Damage is halved every X meters.  X is the radius given for the explosive.  Fragments hit randomly.  Concussive force is not absorbed by armour unless it is sealed.
If hit by a flamethrower, etc. the damage is not absorbed by armour unless it is sealed.  It will attack the weakest points of the armour if it is hot enough.

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« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2004, 05:34:16 PM »

Fire Arm Proficiencies

1. Modern Ballistic

 assault/rifle -4
 smg -3

Rifle (includes shotguns)
 assault -2
 pistol -4

Assault Rifle
 rifle -1
 pistol -4
 lmg -4
 smg -1

Light Machine Gun
 heavy -2
 assault -4
 smg -4

Heavy Machine Gun
 light -2

SubMachine Gun
 pistol -2
 assault -1

Grenade Launcher
 rifle/assault -4
other -6

2. Black Powder
  Any lock has familiarity penalties to any other of -2, pistols and rifles have familiarity penalties of -2 but do not warrant seperate proficiencies as they operate identically.  These are familiarity penalties and not defaults, they can be overcome with practice,but there is no need to spend points.


3. Beam Weapons
 These beam weapons (lasers, blasters,etc.) are assumed to operate in a similar enough fashion that there are  fewer proficiencies.

 rifle -3

 pistol -3
 support -4

Support (heavy, infantry portable weapons)
 rifle -4

4. Electromagnetic/Rail/Gauss Weapons
These weapons fire slugs propelled by electromagnetic rails.  Same proficiencies and defaults as beam weapons.

6. Missile Weapons  (different weapons covered by the same proficiency have unfamiliarity penalties of -2)

LAW (light, infantry portable standard shoulder launched anti armor weapons)
 medium -3

Medium (missiles that are a little heavier, but pack more punch, such as the Dragon)
 law -3

Heavy (infantry missile systems requiring mounts, like the TOW)

7. Flame Weapons (flame throwers)
 no defaults

8. Hand Weapons

  sword (1/2 sword) -1
  pole arms -1
  poll axe -1

Energy Blade (covers any highly lethal, effectively weightless blade of swordlike proportions)
    sword (any) -3
    *such weapons of dagger size, or on the end of a shaft, etc. are covered by the most applicable normal skill.  Using one of sword like proportions requires special skill in order to keep from being more dangerous to yourself than your enemy.

*Larger weapons skills are covered by the artillery skill.  Most modern and futuristic artillery skills must be specialized or categorized.

If you have a military vehicle skill, this covers its integral weaponry controlled from the crewstation.  You must specify by vehicle.  For example, if you pilot a chromium guardsman power armour, this will cover your skills with its boom gun.

Robot Hand to Hand
If you have the pugilism skill, and the skill to pilot a robot or powered battle armour, you will be able to use your pugilism skill with the armour, with its limitations and bonuses.

Must specify.  This is a skill with a unique or special weapon, prototype,  etc. Many unique weapons will default from common ones, or simply have an unfamiliarity penalty.  For example, a character who has a gun implanted where his forarm and hand used to be, on gms call, might need a seperate skill defaulting from his pistol skill -2, or maybe he'll just be at a -2 to use it with his pistol skill until he gets a little practice in.

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« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2004, 05:34:53 PM »

FireArms Accessories and Ammunition

1. Scopes
Scopes reduce range penalties, appropriate to the magnification power of the individual scope.  
To use a scope you must let your MP refresh by 2 increments or make a per/TN 7 roll.
Scopes negatively effect your MP in combat by -1 for every 5 meters under 30.
    Night Vision Scopes
Reduce darkness penalties from 1 to all, depending on generation, in addition to above benefits/penalties.

2. Laser sights
Laser sights do not improve your accuracy, but they allow aimed shots from the hip, reduce 1 MP worth of darkness penalties, etc.  May require Per roll to aquire laser.

3. Stocks
The removal or disuse of a stock, or similar incorrect firing position increases the weapons ATN by 1.  The addition of a stock to a weapon than is normally without one likewise decreases the ATN by 1.  (such as adding a stock onto a pistol or machine pistol)

4. Smart Links
Smart links are basically the same thing as a laser sight, providing the same benefits.  They do not necessarily project a beam, so they are not detectable by the enemy.  They allow the use of firearms in armour and power armor, and are often combined with visual enhancement and other displays, making them the favourable alternative to the modern night vision goggles/IR laser sight combo.  Some allow weapons to be aimed and fired around corners.

5. Bipod/Tripod
These can reduce the recoil penalties to firearms that don't normally use them.  They are taken into account in the stats of weapons they are standard on.  Tripods can also lock a weapon to fire in a certain small area, so you will know where you're shooting at night.

6. Rifle/Bayonet
These are blades attached, usually, to rifles.  Some can cut, (usually combat knives designed to be attached) and some are designed only to thrust (usually integral, except for some antiques).  Rifles and pistols can also be used as hand weapons without bayonets.
ATN 6 (for thrust, cut, slice, buttstroke or pistol whip) or the base ATN of the weapon, whichever is worse.  
DTN is ATN+2 for pistols, +1 for rifles.
Pistol DR (whip or thrust) ST-1b, (bayonet) ST-2c, ST-1p.
Rifle DR (buttstroke, strike or thrust) STb, (bayonet) STc, ST+1-2p, depending on bayonet type.


1. Hollow Points
Standard ammunition for most police and guards, illegal to most soldiers in combat.
+3 shock, pain, and BL.  -3 vs AV.

2. Armour Piercing
Uncommon for most 20th/early 21st century small arms.
-3 shock and BL, +3 vs AV.

3. Full Metal Jacket Ball
This is the standard ammunition, used in the stats of the weapon.

4. Target Loads
Used for regular target shooting.
-2 damage, removed from the vs AV mod first, -1 recoil penalty.

5. Rubber/Bean Bag Ammo
Damage is converted from piercing to bashing, no AV mod.
+1 ATN per 10 meters, or the normal stats, whichever is worse.

6. Poison Tipped Ammo
Usually made from hollow points.  Use hollow point stats.  As long as the bullet causes at lease a lvl. 1 wound, the poison is delivered into the target.    (mercury, cyanide, silver nitrate, holy water, whatever)

7. Teflon (or other equivalent frictionless substance) Coated Ammo
+1 vs AV.  Often added onto AP ammo.

8. Shotgun Ammo, 12 guage
(based on the full length 12 guage, if another shotgun, use the worst ATN modifier)  
-1 to ATN
DR 7, -1 per 25 meters, +2 vs AV w/in 25 meters, 0 after
ATN of the weapon, +1 per 25 meters
DR 7, +3 vs AV
Sabot Slug
ATN of the weapon, +1 per 30 meters
DR 6, +4 vs AV
Bolo Shot
-1 ATN (can be rolled on the cutting damage tables)
DR 6, -1 per 20 meters
Steel Flechette
-1 ATN
DR 5, +3 vs AV, -1 DR per 20 meters, can pierce flexible synthetic weave armor
Wooden Slug (w/lead core)
ATN of the weapon, +1 per 15 meters
DR 6, -1 vs AV, becomes blunt damage after 15 meters

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« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2004, 05:35:23 PM »

Ranged Weapons

    A note on prep times
Most of these weapons have the same prep times, in general, as a bow in the core rulebook.  Think of a magazine as your arrow, your mag pouch the quiver.  You draw the magazine, nock/insert it, draw your bow/chamber a round.  A revolver without a speed loader would take about a turn per round you load, as would loading an empty magazine.  You can make the same roll to reduce preptime as with a bow.
   A fumble is a jam or misfire, costing at least 1 turn to remedy for a misfire, 1D10 turns for a jam or misfeed, with autoloading gunpowder weapons.  A fumble with an energy weapon could be a dud power cell, broken circuitry, burned out lens, or a dislodged/improperly inserted power cell.

A note on damage stats
    Due to the TROS damage system not being very granular, 1 point is a big difference in damage.  A large variety of weapons may share similar stats.  This should not detract from the feel of the game, even though seperate models and caliburs may only be differentiated by GM description.

Rates of Fire
  Semi automatic fire is from 2 to 4 shots a turn, including energy weapons.  Automatic rates of fire depend on the specific weapon model.  Generally one or 2 bursts of 3 to 9 rounds per turn.  Depending on your world, electromag and laser weapons could fire 2 to 4 large busts in a turn.  GM calls and common sense should cover it all unless you'd really like to get into it.

*Unless stated otherwise, damage is rolled on the piercing tables.

Ballistic Gunpowder Weapons
(unless noted otherwise, recoil penalties are -1MP per round fired after the first in the same turn)

Derringer or other very small palm pistol
ATN 7, +1 per 3 meters
DR 4, +1 vs AV

Average Pistol, such as a Beretta 9mm
ATN 7, +1 per 10 meters
DR 5, +2 vs AV

Average Pistol, such as .45 calibur M-1911
ATN 7, +1 per 10 meters
DR 6, +2 vs AV

Shot Gun, Full Length, 12 guage
Base ATN 7, +1 per 25 meters
DR based on ammo type (see ammo chapter)
Recoil -2 MP

Shot Gun, short barreled, 12 guage
Base ATN 6, +1 per 10 meters
DR based on ammo type
Recoil -2 MP

Shot Gun, Pistol, 12 guage (1 or 2 shot breach loading, 1-5" barrel)
Base ATN 7, +1 per 5 meters
DR based on ammo type
Recoil -4 MP

7.62mm bolt action hunting/sniping rifle
ATN 7, (6 if set) +1 per 80 meters
DR 6, +4 vs AV

Sub-Machine Gun, such as a 9mm Uzi or MP-5
ATN 5 (6 w/out stock) +1 per 20 meters
DR 5, +3 vs AV

Sub-Machine Gun (machine pistol) such as a mini-uzi or auto-mod M-9
ATN 7, +1 per 10 meters
DR 5, +2 vs AV

Assault Rifle, such as the M-16 A2
ATN 5, +1 per 50 meters
DR 5, +4 vs AV

Assault Rifle, such as the AK-47
ATN 6, +1 per 25 meters
DR 6, +4 vs AV

Carbine, such as the M-4
ATN 5, + 1 per 25 meters
DR 5, +3 vs AV

Light Machine Gun, Such as the M-249 SAW
ATN 6, (7 if not set in proper firing position) +1 per 100 meters
DR 5, +4 vs AV
When in proper firing position, can fire 6 rounds at -3 MP recoil penalty
automatic fire only

Larger Light Machine Gun, such as the M-240 B
ATN 6 (8 if not set) +1 per 100 meters
DR 6, +4 vs AV
When in proper firing position, can fire 7-9 rounds at -4 MP recoil penalty
automatic fire only

Heavy Machine Gun, such as the Browning M-2 Heavy Barrel .50
ATN 7 (can only fire if set) +1 per 100 meters
DR 7, +5 vs AV
When in proper firing position, can fire 7-9 rounds at -4 MP recoil penalty
automatic fire only

Grenade Launcher, Any 35-40mm rifle sized or over/under, such as the M-79, M-203, or cylinder drum type
ATN 7, +1 per 50 meters
DR (hand grenade DR-1, for others see Ammo Chapter)
Addition of a grenade-launcher to a rifle may increase the ATN (of the rifle) by 1.
Sometimes used w/buckshot rounds or riot control ammo.
Recoil -2 MP, if applicable

Black Powder Weapons

Match Lock Gun (rifle sized matchlock) about .50 calibur (or any lock, short and non-rifled)
ATN 7, +1 per 20 meters
DR 7, +2 vs AV

Early Cannon Lock Gun, .50 calibur
ATN 8, +1 per 10 meters
DR 7

Beam Weapons
    Special Rules:  Lasers do not have recoil penalties.  Laser wounds have -3/4 BL.  They cauterize most flesh, but will not seal up larger arteries or punctured organs.  Burst fire from a laser is cumulative on the same point of the target, no D6 roll for seperate hits, because they fire faster than you can move, with no recoil.  Optionally, for a more cinematic effect, treat them seperately as bullets.  Damage is reduced when firing through thick smoke or fog, by one per 10 meters.  Lasers pierce weave armor.

Palm Laser (sort of a laser derringer)
ATN 7, +1 per 3 meters
DR 3, +1 vs AV

Laser Pistol
ATN 7, +1 per 10 meters
DR 4, +3 vs AV

Laser Rifle
ATN 6, +1 per 60 meters
DR 4, +5 vs AV

Support Laser
ATN 6, (8 if not set) +1 per 100 meters
DR 5, +5 vs AV

  Special Rules:  Blasters (particle beam weapons) do produce recoil, at -1 MP per additional shot, like most ballistics.  They reduce BL by half.  They fire an energy blast, but it also produces a percussive effect, creating a wider wound channel than a laser.  Blasters pierce weave armor.

Blaster Pistol
ATN 7, +1 per 10 meters
DR 5, +3 vs AV

Blast Rifle
ATN 6, +1 per 30 meters
DR 7, +4 vs AV

  Special Rules: Sonic weapons have a wide beam, making them easier to hit with, but more limited range.  Sonic stunners are not effected by armor unless a sealed helmet is worn.  A direct hit from a screamer will cause temporary deafness on a failed HT TN 8 roll.
No recoil.

Sonic Stunner Pistol
ATN 6, +1 per 10 meters
5 shock, -1 per 10 meters, and a KO roll at a cumulative -1 per hit

Flame Weapons

Generic Flame Thrower, pistol to rifle sized
ATN 5 (it's easy to hit someone with) range 10 (pistol) to 30 (rifle w/pack) meters
DR 6 per turn (+ successes, as usual) on the generic damage table, may degrade armor

Plasma Flamer
ATN- see above
DR 9 per turn, see above, degrades most armor

Hand Grenades

Fragmentation (defensive)
ATN 7, +1 per 5 meters, kill radius 5 meters, DR 6 + successes
Target/s take 1D10 fragments, cutting damage, roll hits on random damage table.

Concussion (offensive)
5 meter radius, DR 6 + successes
Generic Damage, armour does not protect unless it is sealed, and then only at the weakest points.

DR 4, 4 meter radius
generic damage table (though there is no actual physical damage, just shock)
anyone w/in 15 meters must roll suprise/hesitation TN 7 to 13, GM call

Tear Gas
DR 4, 8 meter radius (but DR and distance depend on wind and confinement area)
generic damage table (no physical damage)  
Effects last until smoke dissipates or character gets to clean air
roll for fatigue when in cloud

20 to 40 foot radius
roll for fatiugue when in cloud
depending on amount of smoke, when in cloud or firing through cloud, impose up to full darkness/Per penalties

DR 9, 4 meter radius, +1 vs AV
generic damage table


Light rocket launcher, such as the M-136 AT-4
ATN 7, +1 per 100 meters
DR Lots, + Lots vs AV


ATN 7, range 10 meters.
Shock 7 per turn until trigger is released, pain 1.
Roll knock out.
Only effective vs. light clothing or less.
May cause level 1 piercing wound, depending on location.

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« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2004, 11:31:27 AM »

Looks nice, at the first look, I still have to read it more carefully and maybe playtest.

Do you think M16 is really that much more accurate than Kalashnikov? :-)

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« Reply #6 on: July 27, 2004, 12:07:42 PM »

From my personal experience, yes.  But it could also depend on the specific model of kalashnikov.  Here I'm basically comparing your standar 7.62 x 39mm AK-47 to a 5.56 x 39 mm M-16 A2.  The M-16 is more menauverable and accurate at range, while the AK-47 is an excellent close quarters assault rifle with a heavier round, but less accurate at range.
    I've had extensive experience with the 5.56mm in the U.S. military (of course) but also extensive use of my companies in stock armoury of soviet weaponry, and personally own an AK-47 variant.  Kalashnikov snipers and smaller sized ammunition and newer variants would likely compare better to the M-16.

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« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2004, 10:23:51 AM »

Ok, I believe you :)

The only assault rifle I have used is the Finnish RK62, which is a copy of AK47 with some modifications. I think it is very accurate and so did some US generals that were visiting our regiment. But yes, it really is an improved version of AK47 with f.ex. totally different sights (pretty similar as in M16).

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