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Gamer's Log: Mario's Vendetta

Started by Judd, July 21, 2004, 08:49:21 AM

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A friend of mine is in town for the summer and he's running a TRoS mini-campaign set in Renaissance Italy.  He's calling it Vendetta and we learned the combat system by playing the mercenaries who were let into the Fortunato manor and slaughtered the entire family.

We then took up our roles as Fortunato nobles or retainers making our escape.

We will begin the game next week having lost our families in what authorities are saying was just a fire, rather than a calculated slaughter.

I am playing Guillarmo Mandolini, the Captain of the Guard.  I've modelled him after Gurney Halleck from the Dune books after listening to my favorite book of all time on tape during a recent long car trip.   Guillarmo guards his young Duke, Niccolo.

The group will gather at an old pious noble's manor that is well-guarded.  He is known for giving those in mourning sanctuary, no matter who they are or who wants them dead.  Perhaps then we will meet with the Pope.

It will be nice to play a game with more subtlety than my brutal Midnight campaign, which had very little dueling on the bloody cobblestone streets  and more ambushing Orcs in the cold north.  It will be fun to play a campaign around the rapier and dagger.  However, I think ambush with a crossbow is the way to go, as one of my mercenaries found out the hard way.  Playing mercenaries and doomed Fortunato nobles making their last stand really showed us how vicious this combat system is.

Mario came to the game well prepared, printing out the damage tables and giving everyone a folder with the damage tables and cards with combat info on them.  That helped the learning curve quite a bit.  

It will be fun to play the Riddle for the first time.  I look forward to our first full session next Tuesday


Well, if it is at all as good as your Midnight game, I hope you write the sessions up like you did Riddle of Midnight :)


Quote from: EmiricolWell, if it is at all as good as your Midnight game, I hope you write the sessions up like you did Riddle of Midnight :)


I'd love to be able to write it up like the Midnight game but I just don't have that kind of time right now.  However, I will certainly get my butt in gear and write a final piece for the Midnight SH, just to bring the thing to closure.

I figured out how I'd do it and will probably do it in the end of August or so.

Anyway, onward to Italian City-states, politics, stabbings and doublets.


Sir Mathodius Black

is there some sort of written riddle of midnight online or somethin?  or for that matter, are there any other riddle adventures/supplements ploating around out there???
"God helps those who helps themselves."


There is, but I lost the link.  It details both the Midnight race modifiers in TROS terms, but also some other information for people using the Ars Magica mod for TROS.

Sir Mathodius Black

if anyone has the link id appreciate it
"God helps those who helps themselves."