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Nine Worlds organizations

Started by Matt Snyder, July 29, 2004, 04:16:31 PM

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Matt Snyder

Here's a sneak-peek at most of the organizations in the Nine Worlds book and a hint of what they're up to:

Nine Worlds Organizations:

Aegis - Zeus secret police on Jupiter. These agents protect his realm and his authoritarian rule.
Amaltheans - Amaltheans serve Artemis on Luna. They offer refuge and solace to those in need.
Aquarians - Aquarians are truth-seekers. They wish to illumine all of humanity and unveil what they view as a corrupt universe.
Daedalian Society - The Daedalian Society works to create and collect technological advances and devices, or offer their ingenuity to those who can afford it.
Free Spartan League - This group resists the war-mongering and infighting on Mars. The front both militaristic and diplomatic efforts to carve an independent home on Mars free from Ares' unpredictable conflicts.
The Graces - The Graces are Aphrodite's network of spies and entertainers. They keep her informed on every event of political significance.
The Horizon Cartels - These loosely aligned criminal syndicates manage underhanded schemes and other dirty work in the Solar Undercity. They have an "understanding" with Apollo.
Illuminati - The Illuminati has a twofold purpose. On the one hand, they work with Prometheus to enlighten new Archons. On the other hand, they work to enforce the veil of science and reality on Earth.
Martian Legion - The Martian Legion is a mercenary army commanded by Ares; it is the greatest, most disciplined military force in the Nine Worlds.
Order of Hermes - The Order of Hermes is Hermes broad-reaching company. It works to form new business ties, confound competitors, and protect Hermes' holdings.
Telluric Navigation Society - The Telluric Navigation Society strives to chart telluric pathways and events, and it also works to identify and collect unusual artifacts from throughout history.
Thanatoi - This group of ghostly detectives investigate, and sometimes arrange, the deaths of mortals, enforcing proper and just rates of growth of mortal shades in Hades.
Matt Snyder

"The future ain't what it used to be."
--Yogi Berra


Interesting.  My only substantive comment would be with regard the Martian Legion.  I wouldn't make these guy the most disciplined force.  I'd position them as being the more aggressive, passion induced, warrior type.  Scary and of high morale but their lack of discipline would be their weakness.  This would follow what I've always seen as the essential difference between Ares and Athena in their aspects of War.  It would also provide a way to justify how the Free Spartans are able to defy playing on the legendary grit and discipline of the Spartan tradition.

Matt Snyder

Cool suggestion, Ralph.

Here's a bit more info on the legion. Ares pits the warlords of his domain, Mars, against one another. He shuffles around water and land rights, and generally makes everyone spittin' mad at each other. The result is constant warfare, which Ares delights in. But, he's not completely mad. He has some purpose. It's his own survival of the fittest scheme, wherein he plucks the best soldiers for his Martian Legion. Then, he turns around and hires that out to the other immortals for the highest price or juiciest favor. His legion makes or breaks military might, deterrence, etc., making him a political mover and shaker.

That does not require the legion to be disciplined, I suppose. They just have to be fierce and determined. So, yeah, what you've suggested can work quite well.

However, there isn't really a comparable legion headed by Athena. In fact, Athena relinquished her Primarch status on Earth to her lover, Prometheus. She retreated to Luna, and she's been out of sight for a long time. Something about a baby ....
Matt Snyder

"The future ain't what it used to be."
--Yogi Berra


Perfect.  There doesn't need to be a corresponding legion for Athena, but if there was / when there was / when there will be it would be characterized by well thought tactics and strategms and guile.

Ares on the other hand selects for big, bad, tough, and nasty.  The Greeks portrayed him as something of a bully and a coward while venerating Athena.  This has been said to be do to the different spheres they operated in.  Ares personified war, while Athena personified battle.  The Greek Democracies loathed warfare of conquest but prized victory in battle as essential to remaining independent.  The Romans on the otherhand venerated Mars because they were all about the conquest.

The Marsian Legion then would essentially be a unit of individual heroes battleing for the love of conquest, personal gain, and to display their own individual prowess.  

Sparta on the otherhand would be a force of grim determination, tenacity, sacrifice, and order, fighting to preserve their homes and freedom...and they'd be led by the Archon Mel Gibson...;-)

A kid eh...As I recall Athena was one of the three virgin goddesses (along with Artemis and Hestia)...innnterrrestinggg.  Maybe all three are hanging out on the moon together redefining female empowerment ;-)