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No rest for the... restless

Started by Jason L Blair, May 21, 2001, 12:25:00 PM

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Jason L Blair

Well, I'm wrapping up Little Fears and it looks like it might not be out 'til GenCon. I'll know this week whether it's gonna be delayed. But anyhoo -- I know I won't go long until I feel the need to work on another game so I've been looking over the various design notes scattered around the place and am trying to decide what game will meet its maker (read: me) next. (Helloooooooo run-on sentence!) Some of you DC'ers know what I was working on a month or so ago and that is a definite contendor. However, there are three others that are still in the running and just might make better rpgs. I don't really know what the point of this post is -- wait, yes I do. What I'm going to do is do up a website for each game detailing the basic premise (and, yes, they are based more on premise than setting) and system notes I have for it. What I'd love out of the currently 38 enrolled (and whoever else might sign up) Forgers is for all ya'll to check each one out and let me know what you think. I'll probably do one page that links to all four games, maybe set it up as a tour, and after you read through all the game ideas there will be a poll where you vote for which idea you like best. I can't really guarantee that the winner of the poll will be the next game but as a designer who works off encouragement I'll at least know which one reaks with you folks the most.

So... my question is: Would you folks want to participate in something like this? The voting would be on an honor system (unless, I can get the Forge to possibly "sponsor" this and have Clinton or whoever do up a poll so there would be one vote per username). Do you guys like the idea at all?

Jason L Blair
Key 20 Publishing

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Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Ron Edwards

Upload the damn sites already.


P.S. Actually, I do want to say that a "vote" probably is less meaningful than open discussion, from which YOUR choice ought to be made. I tend to respect the concept of mandate much less than that of personal vision, when it comes to creating RPGs or any other aesthetic endeavor.

Jason L Blair

As soon as I hit "Post" I thought... "Y'know, setting up a discussion board would be a lot more effective and inspiring than just a vote..."

I figure, I'll set up a poll for those who just want to tell me which and, if the Forge is down with it, set up a forum (or a topic in this forum) to discuss the how and why and whatnot about the decisions and also so people can ask for clarification, etc.

I knew you'd be the one to catch that, Ron. :wink:

Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer


Jason -  

I'm down with that.

             - James


Sounds good...let's see the games.  :smile:


Jason L Blair

Two of the sites are already up (though I did just notice some horrendous typos) and I'll throw the third on (I've disqualified one of the original four due to the fact I just got done with a dark game and want to get away from it). One of the three I'm really excited about, but the other two are very solid ideas that just need some feedback and some questions asked. They're at least solid enough that one of them could push the current contendor out of the spotlight and that's why they're even being considered.

I'll post the URLs in about a week or so.

The heat... will be on!
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer