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Structuring a Dogs in the Vineyard Campaign

Started by Judd, August 29, 2004, 06:51:50 AM

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I've been thinking how I would work if it my current Dogs in the Vineyard one-shot turned into a campaign.

I think the first game should be in a town that is made up of the Faithful.  They should learn the weight and responsiblity of their vocation.

Two other geographical points stand out, Bridal Falls and Back East.  I think both would be essential for any game.  It would be especially interesting to run a session or two Back East where their coats go nearly unrecognized and satanic railroad barons twirl their mustacheos while plotting their demise.

I think re-visiting towns where their judgement has been wrought lends itself to interesting opportunities too.  It will be interesting to see the consequences of their judgements.  I would want the players to help brainstorm on how the town will be since the Dogs' visit.

Letting my players know that the first game was like a TV series trailer was a fantastic way to really embed the idea in their minds.  It worked.  They got it.

It is a simple formula.  Visit a town and solve the problem but the flavor in the game's text and the variants on the theme leave alot of room for some great games.


Back in the soopaseekrit days, Tom and Jake riffed a wicked cool Back East campaign.  It's just a couple of comments starting here, but dang.