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[Neuter] A Game of Horror, Conspiracy, and Survival

Started by ADGBoss, August 26, 2004, 04:30:18 PM

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Well finally it's alive, the electricity has hit the bolts and the creature has stirred.  Neuter is the horror genre game I intend to submit to Phillip J Reed's">Funtime Halloween Anthology.  

When Phillip anouned the Anthology I wanted to participate but Neuter was nothing but a bunch of scraps and ideas at the time. So I kicked myself into high gear and cleaned it up and finished the frist real draft.

You can click" target="_blank">HERE to download the PDF.

Any and all comments are welcome.
Specifically I would like feedback on the Resolution Mechanic (2d10 + Skill - Opposition = or > 20 is a success). So a 20 is always a success. My biggest concern is that there may be some whiff factor involved but I can up the skill number if necassary.

Character Creation: Is it clear and meaningful?

Is game play clear and do you have a generally good idea of what the game is about?

Would you play this game?

Remember space for the Anthology is limited and my funds are limited to so I am trying to do a short story version of a game here. I admit it has been a challenge but I think I have been successful. We shall see.

Editing critique is welcome too but I have someone editing it for me who will catch alot of my stupid grammar misq's.