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Growth on the Forge

Started by F. Scott Banks, August 26, 2004, 09:59:39 AM

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F. Scott Banks

I was wondering, what happens when someone comes to the forge and their ideas and such metamorphose into a small indie game shop (with more than one person implementing multiple projects).

I started a thread that kept on piling up until I was able to take what the forge gave me and turn it into an official (still filing out paperwork on the "offical" part though) company.

Now I'm not sure how to handle posts.  Do I flood the Indie Games forum with several threads on related projects?  Or do I just make massive threads, each detailing single projects?

Also, I'm a little new to "becoming" a company.  Really, it's just a lose confederation of developers using each others talents to further their own projects (kinda like the Forge itself really).  and huddling together for warmth, protection, and reduced print costs.

Anyway, what's the ettiquite for something like that?

Ron Edwards


I suggest you stick with the same old guidelines you used when you weren't a company: topic by topic, game by game, or using comparisons if necessary for the topic. A number of people have made the transition that you're talking about, and that seems to be the best way.


F. Scott Banks

Cool, I was just wondering what the polite way to handle it was.