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Author Topic: chapter and verse  (Read 2850 times)
Emily Care

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« on: October 19, 2004, 12:16:50 PM »

Just read the latest write up of the dogs IRC campaign.  Very cool stuff.

It struck me that all these passages folks come up with make great copy. You could make yourself a little book of life of your own, Vincent, by collecting what these fine folk think of. And you wouldn't have to write it yourself to boot! (Well, they were willing...copyright, shmopyright)

Passages that struck my fancy from this thread:

<Cyrus> "They came unto the Prophet, and spake unto him 'lord, our sheep have strayed from the fields, how can it be that this has come to pass?' The Prophet replied 'it must be that the sheep do not love the field.'" Cyrus pauses for a moment here. *more*
<Cyrus> "'Prophet, what can be done to make them love the field?' The Prophet looked over the fields, and saw that they were fenced and barren. 'It is because their keepers do not let them walk. The nature of sheep is to love the field. If they stray, it is because the field cannot be loved. The fault is not with the sheep, who know only their nature. The fault is with the keepers.' And the people heard his words, and their sheep returned, and they rejoiced."
<Cyrus> [4,8]
<jwalton> woah. if we had Fan Mail, you'd get some.
<jwalton> rolling "Family First"
<jwalton> #roll 1d10
-RPGServ:#Dogs- <Roll for jwalton [1d10]: 7>
<Hosea_Laurent> "Book of Earth, chapter 24, verse 5," Hosea mumbles automatically around a mouthful of food.
<Hosea_Laurent> ("What do you mean, where's my Book? Don't you have it memorised?" just for flavour, not dicin' it ;)
<Cyrus> (okay, guys. I'm out of dice here. So I can roll more, or someone else could jump in.)
<Jezebel> (claire? you wanna tag in?)
<Jezebel> (after Jon gets his say back, of course)
<Cyrus> (well, first, let's get Jon's response.)
<Claire_Jared> (sure.)
<jwalton> Block 7, 5: Abraham, quoting easily from a passage he must have read hundreds of times and prayed upon, "They came to him and asked, 'Lord, what shall I do if my child turns away from you and will not listen? The light has gone out inside him and has been consumed by the devil? How do I love him? How do I bring him home?' " (more)
<Cyrus> (jon -- I don't think you have a five?)
<Cyrus> (I have you at 7, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1)
<jwalton> (I have me a 5 1 1 1 +7)
<Cyrus> (huh. Okay.)
<Claire_Jared> (my go now? Or a raise first?)
<Hosea_Laurent> (he's got more)
<jwalton> "The Prophet answered him, 'You can love the dream of the faded light. You can love the son that has gone astray, without loving the sin. An open heart and an open hand is the way."


Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

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