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(9W) Duration of tricks.

Started by Trevis Martin, September 02, 2004, 06:13:57 PM

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Trevis Martin

Hi Matt.

I bought Nine Worlds at GenCon and have just gotten through it.  Its great!  That layout is FANTASTIC (relax, just teasing you a little, man.. I want to keep my teeth.) I  love the setting and despite the notes in your blog recently I don't think the system is hard to grasp (Narrativist Rolemaster!?  Really?) In fact, being a fan of card based mechanics since Castle Falkenstein I think the system you've devised is pretty elegant, and I look forward to playing it.

I only have a single question at the moment and I think I know the answer but here goes.  Once a conflict phase is ended any tricks not actually used or banked in muses are lost, right?  Or do you keep the tricks until you use them (dosen't seem right, but possible.)

Anyway, a great game, definately worth my money.



Matt Snyder

Awesome! Thanks for the great comments, Trevis.

You are correct. Such Tricks are lost for good.

There is no "saving" them for later rounds. (Although, banking them into your Muses, then spending them from your Muses in the next phase is effectively the same thing. The problem is you gotta win a victory in that next round.).

Players ain't stupid. Almost always, players divert those tricks to bolster their Muses or create new Muses. There is a finite limit, however. Characters can have up to a maximum of 9 Muses total (or a combination of Muses and Talismans equal to 9 total). Muse ratings cap out at 9. Therefore, a character could have all his Muses with ratings of 9, and have no choice but to lose the Tricks. They just "disappear" for good.
Matt Snyder

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