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9W errata?

Started by xiombarg, August 30, 2004, 05:13:51 PM

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I got my thank-you copy... And the game is very rockin'.

But I'm curious if it's because I'm on a IBM PC or what, but a lot of the pages -- particularly where the different planets are described -- are formatted, uh, oddly.

Take, for example, p. 65. When I look at it, "Mercury" and "the ever-changing realm" are atop and under the stats for Artemis and Luna. It's kinda confusing, and it happens all over that section.

I mean, I could figure it out, but it took some puzzling over.
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Matt Snyder

Good catch. This happened because of one line break that set off a cascade of bad line breaks on subsequent pages. Just download the thank you copy again (it's still available), and that particular problem should be remedied.

No doubt some mischievous Archon with some serious Chaos Urge has struck elsewhere in the layout/text with creeping errors.... let me know if you find his work anywhere. We'll stamp him out.
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