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Ideas, anyone?

Started by Overdrive, September 07, 2004, 01:17:29 PM

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Ookkei, we're playing MLWM once again. This time it's at a friend's summer cottage, where we'll spend the next weekend playing mucho everything. But I have such lot to do before friday, that I'd appreciate a few comments and ideas.

So we've decided to use Countess Elizabeth Bathory and her blood baths as the mistress. I'm not sure the two players signed up for this really know the real-life background. She's definitely Beast-Feeder, so it's pretty straightforward for me to GM. (Our previous masters have included a Brain-Teacher.. actually two, it's kinda difficult to come up with Brainy-type tasks and punishments for the minions.) She wants to look young, and needs blood (preferably of young women). It's my intention to run things as quick as possible, preferably in a single evening, so thorough preparation would be best.

At this point I think it's worth mentioning that neither of the players are really interested in spending an evening prior to the Cottage Experience to create a cool setting, so it's up to me mostly.

I think I'll set Fear to 2 and Reason to 3. This should hopefully mean rather quick endgame, but I'd also like to see a couple of horrors revealed. What if I gave both characters a point of Love and bumped Fear to 3? This could partly spoil the juicy build-up of the town and its inhabitants I so much like.

One character has been created. She is the scary-looking albino daughter of the Countess. She suffers horribly in daylight unless clad in heavy black clothing, and skulks abnormally silently (the exception condition eludes me, we probably didn't specify it..). One of her connections is the town gravedigger, she's usually watching when her mother's victims are buried (though how? they must do it during night time, probably because of superstition, yeah that's it)

I don't know about the other character, but the player probably isn't in a very creative mood and takes my example character, the Butler. The Butler is horribly ugly unless wearing his hat (that cylinder model one) and can appear from the shadows almost from nowhere, unless.. something (doh, both have the same kind of more than human. must come up with something else)

So, what I need is a list of possible scene ideas, tasks for the minions, etc. Here's a few I thought of:

- The Countess promises her daughter one of the treatments (she has so fragile skin it breaks in sunlight.. yet she's always ordered to do things during the day.. this could be combined with the Intimacy die)
- A minion must lure townspeople out of to the wilderness so they can be captured.
- A minion must capture someone and make it look like the wolves did it.
- A minion must fetch a letter from the post office / material from the hardware store. The postman/clerk will not give away stuff because payment is a few months late.
- The inn must be burnt down so travellers would come to lodge at the castle.
- Now that the innkeeper cannot support his family, the Countess would like to employ his younger daughter as a house maid. A minion must convince him that the previous house maid was not murdered, but died of natural causes (eh, the wolves ate her). Hmm, maybe even the innkeeper's oldest daughter was the previous maid.
- The Countess expects a certain Duke Mason to visit. Perhaps even some of the royalty.
- The Countess requires her monthly treatment.
- A cleaning lady from the town comes to clean up the bath tub, wonders about all the red stains.
- The Countess is preparing the Cage of Horrible Destruction (this is what the hardware is for).
- The Countess wants the wedding gift dress of a just married bride.
- The Countess requires a young lady to be fetched.

I'm hoping for something more of "the magistrate's wig" type of things (like the wedding gift) and not just direct violence. Violence will come near the endgame for sure, when the Countess begins to get ready for some visitors. Though, this will probably get me a long way already.

Uh, I'm getting scared already. Thanks Paul for the amazing game!