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Shipping times?

Started by MajorKiz, September 08, 2004, 02:23:00 PM

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When my wife (Jennifer Sronce) ordered Dogs in the Vineyard for me about two weeks ago, we got an email saying that there'd be a follow-up email when it actually shipped. Since I still haven't seen that, I'm curious as to whether or not it's actually been shipped out. Is there a hold-up on getting the paper copies out?

It's okay if there is; I'm just the impatient sort. :-)


There is, but unless you're outside the US I should make it within the "allow 2-4 weeks." Hang in there!

If you're outside the US, allow 2-4 weeks plus however long it takes the book to get from here to there.


Nick the Nevermet

*also hanging in there, but practically twitching with anticipation*

.....or that could be the fist-ful of chocolate covered espresso beans.


Well, apparently mine is on the way, finally. I'm looking forward to seeing it!


Yes indeed. The first batch went in the mail yesterday. The second batch - to only a very few of you, who ordered most recently - goes in on Saturday. The long sad time of waiting for me to send 'em is over. Now is the much shorter long sad time of waiting for them to arrive.



And it finally made it friday. Yay! I'll have to run a playtest game sometime soon.

I doubt it'll turn into any kind of ongoing thing (most of my players are traditional roleplayer types, some of whom openly prefer less control over the game world and narration, rather than more) but it should definitely be interesting.

And it's already spawned ideas for using it in a certain post-apoc setting I've been writing up for a long time. It would even give me an excuse to add d12s to the game... as the Fallout dice for Destructive Devices such as bombs, missiles and nerve gas (very rare, but not impossible to encounter).