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new tv pilot

Started by back_stabbed, September 27, 2004, 04:37:36 PM

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hey everybody, i just want to say hello to the board.  may as well say something interesting.  I recently saw some clips from a new show about 2 guys who go around making things "cooler".  they take your household stff and do weird stuff to it like dip it in chrome or add fuzzy purple upholstry.  anything is better than reality tv, check it out.       I think I'll pass on toilet with the stereo though....

Walt Freitag

This appears to be spam. I'd advise not clicking the link.

However, everyone should enjoy the tragic irony of some PR firm flack, who probably needed a degree in Communications from NYU to get the job, feeling obliged to write in pretend Internet baby talk in order to convey hip-ness (while unable to break the habit of good grammar)... and doing it on this board!

- Walt
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I want to know what the meeting was like in the conference room where they developed the utterly-generic text to be cut and pasted into each target-board.

Did someone say "It's ... almost perfect--but I think it needs to end with a four period elipsis to convey the sense of irreverent, open-ended hipness of a poster who's sophisticated enough to present an intentionally incomplete idea but still fast-paced and free-thinking enough to work without capitalization save for the use of the word "I" past the first usage (since our poster has a great self-image but doesn't take themsleves too seriously!)."

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I share y'all's sentiments and appreciate the humor ... but let's all do the Ignore thing for this thread from now on. Long experience, she say so.