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DitV Rules Question: Groups in Conflict

Started by charlesperez, September 17, 2004, 01:52:26 PM

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When a group of NPCs take part in a conflict, each member of the group gives +2d6 to the group's stats. On the other hand, when NPCs help a PC, each NPC adds +2d6 to the PC's stats. The first case is +2d6 per member of a group and the second case is +2d6 per additional member. Is this difference intentional? If not, which method is to be adopted for both cases? Thanks.



Yurr. Oops.

If you want consistency, go with this:

Each member of a group of NPCs is a Trait;
Each member after the first of a group of NPCs gives the group +2 to Stats.

NPC helping PC rules stand as is.