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Dogs in the IRC

Started by Jonathan Walton, September 30, 2004, 04:18:10 AM

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Jonathan Walton

Ben: Cyrus looks great.

Doyce: Yup.  If we can find some way to work Jubal into the game, I think that'd be great.  But handling 5 players on IRC is going to be difficult enough.  We'll see.  Maybe if we get a regular game going...

Michael:  I get it.  Having "Yes, Those Laurents" as your Dog-trait is pretty cool, actually.  I just didn't recognize that that's what you were doing.  So that "Of course I'm a Dog" is just assumed.  Hot.

James:  Holy smoke, you really topped my expectations there.  Beauty that's a gift from the demons is sure going to be fun to play with.  Lovin' it.

So at this point we're just waiting on Claire, I guess, who'll hopefully have a semi-finished version of Jared up soon.  Claire, if you need any more help, just yell, okay?  That's what this forum is for.


Ok, revisions for Jared.  I'm sorry I didn't have these earlier.  I was going to post them yesterday but I was sick and just couldn't look at a computer screen for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Today I can see, and this is a good thing.


Acuity   4d6
Body   3d6
Heart   5d6
Will   5d6


I'm a good kid.   1d8
My Pa was a respected gunsmith   1d6
Played with all the new guns before they got sold   1d6
My pa never sold guns to Mountain Folk   1d6
My sister always wanted to be a dog, but never was.   1d4
I got to be as good as my sister would have been   1d6
Are you sure I'm a Dog now?   1d8


Father   1d8
Sister   1d6
Available   1d6 1d8


Revolver my pa made me   2d8 + 1d4
One of pa's best shotguns   2d6 + 1d4
Coat my ma and sister made, looks fine, but the bits my sister made are not as well done as she thinks they are   1d4
Horse   1d6

During initiation

Resolve doubts about whether I really deserve to be a Dog


Quote from: BlankshieldJar of earth given me by Brother Micah 2d8

I just realized this got the 'shortened' version, not the version that was in my head.  It's supposed to be:

Jar of consecrated earth from Hope Springs, taken from the town square where the Dogs drove out the demons, given me by Brother Micah 2d8

I write games. My games don't have much in common with each other, except that I wrote them.

Jonathan Walton

Initiation thread's up:

Scheduling email has been sent.  Let me know if you didn't get it.

Ben Lehman

I am a constant last minute tweeker-of-characters.

I'm going to add a trait to Cyrus, and rearrange some stuff.

So now the traits are

I'm a citizen of the Territorial Columbian Commonwealth 1d4
I was raised in the East 1d4
I could have gone to Harvard 1d10
I speak proper English 1d4
My father could buy this entire pathetic town 1d6
I've never seen blood 1d6
I don't wear my coat yet 1d4
But, for what it's worth, I'm a Dog 1d10

Darn it!  I want more d4s!  Nothing for it but to take some fallout, I guess.



I've gone so far as to install a wireless network so I can play this game.  Hopefully I did it right.