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Author Topic: Successful Sorcerer Quickie  (Read 1692 times)

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« on: October 17, 2004, 05:32:22 PM »

I am very happy to report a successful sorcerer session run tonight using a short one-off scenario of my own demented design and inspired by Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: User's Notes.  The group was fairly auspicious, being hardened Call of Cthulhu gamers with some respectable scenario publishing and running credentials to their names.

The session was a dry run for my upcoming Holloween game.  It includes pregenerated characters, all Naive sorcerers who've had a brush with the occult but nothing resembling training. The characters were chosen from the sort of people that I encounter in my own quiet (or at least quiet until recently) small suburban town. People who would normally be considered boring and dull.  

Humanity was defined as sanity, similar to Call of Cthulhu, with similar humanity checking criteria.  The scenario was not designed to be humanity challenging, and contained exactly one demon. The action involved 1) identifying the creature as a demon and 2) trying to catch and destroy it before it caused more trouble.

Players were able to catch and kill the demon using fairly common hunting practices. The gun bunny approach didn't work though, and wasn't tried. I made sure that the demon put the fear into them before anybody had a direct encounter with it. When I run this for my holloween event I hope to make the demon a little more challenging. The demon is a possessed badger, and I didn't play the animal as cunningly as I could have. The real animal can be shot, but is generally a son of a gun to actually find, because they can dig amazingly fast.  My holloween badger will certainly be digging quickly.

The session generated at least one convert who intends to purchase (and play) the game. Hopefully a few more quiet converts were also creatd.

Clay Dowling
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