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SOBRPG-State of Beings RPG (edited to Spam Discussion)

Started by, January 30, 2002, 12:03:42 AM

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Zak Arntson

Serious comments? I went to the website and couldn't really find out what I was looking for: What is this game about?

Do you have a low-bandwidth option? And black & white pdfs without the background images?

If you want my attention, you're going to have to grab it from the get-go with simplicity rather than flash.

The flash is there to open a picture into the project. Will place this option online asap.

Get hypercycled


Also, to do some of my own shameless self-promotion, you may want to gently point people who seem to be spamming to a site that does accept PR-type postings, like or
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You'll note that serious comments were offered by a number of folks, myself included.

Also, as of now, please see the SOBRPG thread under "Indie Game Design" for more commentary on my part.
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