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The Pool & casting dice

Started by Zoetrope10, January 30, 2002, 12:03:05 PM

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I was delighted to discover The Pool a couple of days ago, by way of Ron's "Top 5 RPGs" article (

I found the section of the rules on CASTING THE DICE to be confusing. I think I've figured out how this section's supposed to work, from reading the rest of the posts in this forum, re-reading the section in question multiple times and from reading Ron's review (even though he talks about an earlier version of The Pool).

Can you confirm my simple understanding, which goes as follows (?):

1. A GM offered roll comprises a mandatory gift (1 to 3 dice) + an optional trait (1 or more dice) + an optional gamble (1 to 9 dice).

Success incurs a favourable outcome and you get to add two dice to your pool. If you gambled, you can opt for a MoV instead. Fail means, amongst other not so good things, that you lose all dice gambled.

2. A player requested trait roll comprises an optional gift (1 to 3 dice) + a mandatory trait (0 or more dice) + a mandatory gamble (1 to 9 dice).

Success incurs a MoV. Fail means, amongst other not so good things, that you lose all dice gambled.

thanks, Z

PS: Blue Oyster Cult---cool!

James V. West

Thanks for checking out the game!

Yeah, you pretty much got it covered. Amazing how you did it by reading the current version. Fear not, I'll be cleaning it up very soon.

I hope you get a chance to try it out and I look forward to hearing how it went.


James V. West

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Blue Oyster Cult