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Started by raithe, November 09, 2004, 05:42:48 PM

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first post (sorry its a complaint) though I've been reading these forums for a year or so. The Search feature could use a bit of work. For example: I'm searching for a thread, let's say the title is "dice methods". Enclosing the title in quotes won't only match as entered, and there's no radio button for that so I'll get every post with dice and methods (which is a lot). Moreover I can't search in only the topic line, so i get every post with dice and methods in the message body as well. Then when I do go to sift through the results in logical alphabetical order there's 39 pages, but i can only quick jump to 1-3 or 36-39; not the middle.

Now I know a lot of this is just the board you guys are using and some of its customizable, some not.  Just wanted to bring it to your attention because I'm about to be doing a lot of posting on my game and I hate asking questions that have already been answered.
Thanks for the time, ideas, and the forum in general.
Jack Crow