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Author Topic: [Capes] Aftermath, Complete  (Read 5359 times)

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« on: November 12, 2004, 09:51:46 AM »

This is a copy of the in character log for the session that Travis and I finally got to play through.  Timestamps included, the out of character stuff is available if anyone wants it, just let me know.  You can see where we took breaks to figure out what was going on.  Note: the first half of this story arc can be found here.

Quote from: Log
(19:50:29) Editor: *
(19:50:31) Editor: *
(19:50:31) Editor: *
(19:50:37) Editor: Aftermath: Zip
(19:50:48) Editor: "A Day in the Life..." (Part 2 of 2)
(19:50:51) Editor: *
(19:50:52) Editor: *
(19:50:55) Editor: *
(19:55:01) Zip: "Well," Zip thinks, frowning a little. "I got the car, at least..."
(19:56:11) Zip: Frame of his sister Jenny, holding the keys with one hand, pointing to him with the other. "You haven't visited Grandpa in what? Two months, now?"
(19:57:11) Zip: "I've been busy," Zip says. .ooO( Dammit... even with super-speed, I can't be everywhere at once... )
(19:57:45) Zip: "Busy, yeah. Too busy for Grandpa. And busy doing what? You still haven't told me what happened to your hand."
(19:58:37) Zip: "I'll tell you all about it later. And I'll visit Grandpa. Just give me the keys, please?" .ooO( I can't pick up Kate on foot! C'mon! )
(19:59:48) Zip: ... and back to the present, as he pulls up in front of a house. .ooO( Now, if I just live until Sunday, I'll be happy to see Gramps. Not looking forward to the grilling Jenny's going to give me at dinner, though... )
(20:09:21) Zip: "Well... at least I'm early for once," Zip says, getting out of the car and starting to stroll up the walk.
(20:09:51) Zip: Still smiling, he rings the doorbell, and we see that he has a small bunch of flowers in his other hand...
(20:10:04) Zip: ... and then the door opens.
(20:14:55) Editor: An attractive girl that Jim hasn't met before looks him over, "Can I help you?"
(20:18:10) Zip: "Umm," Jim says, looking worried. "What's that?" He points to something behind the girl.
(20:18:53) Zip: ZIP! He's standing down at the car, feeding a quarter into a meter, while leaves flutter down behind him.
(20:19:25) Zip: ZIP! He's back at the door.
(20:20:21) Editor: The girl is just turning back, "You're a funny one aren't you," she says with a small frown. "So, is there something I can help you with funny guy?"
(20:21:19) Zip: "Sorry," Jim says, smiling. "Could you tell Kate that Jim Baxter's here?"
(20:24:13) Editor: The girl looks Zip over, eyebrows arched critically.
(20:24:43) Editor: "I don't think Kate's ever mentioned a 'Jim' before... Are you expected?"
(20:25:14) Zip: "Umm... I should be..."
(20:27:40) Zip: "I am," he corrects himself, more confidently. "Jim Baxter. I'm supposed to take her to a party."
(20:28:33) Editor: "Well, I guess I can let her make her own decision." She looks at him critically again, "Come on in."
(20:29:49) Editor: She picks up the phone at the front desk and dials. "Hey Kate... Yeah... There's a Jim Baxter here for you, some kind of party... Yeah, sure, I'll tell him." She turns back to Jim, "She's still fixing her hair, she'll be down in a bit." She has noticably brightened toward Jim.
(20:30:40) Zip: "Good," he says, smiling. "Mind if I have a seat down here while I wait?"
(20:31:00) Zip: He goes ahead and steps over towards a chair.
(20:33:33) Editor: Upstairs in Kate's room: Kate has on a dazzling dress, it's not so much fancy as it is simple and beautiful. Especially on her. She's just finishing up her hair. ..ooO(Too bad Charlie had something going on this weekend, oh well it should be fun anyway. Besides, there's something about Jim, he seems... familiar...)
(20:37:07) Editor: Kate comes down the stairs, she takes a quick look at Jim's hand. When he looks up at her she looks back innocently.
(20:38:52) Zip: Jim blinks and stands up suddenly, his jaw dropping. "Wow. Um... you look, um... wow."
(20:42:00) Editor: Kate smiles at Jim, "Thanks, you clean up pretty well yourself."
(20:42:19) Editor: Kate takes a second look, "Hey! Are those flowers?"
(20:43:29) Zip: "Umm... these?" He brings them up, and revealed, they're kind of scraggly-looking. It's obvious that he picked them rather than buying them. "Um. Yes. They're... things that come off of plants. Flowers."
(20:44:48) Editor: "I know that silly." she smiles at him again. Then her eyes snap open, "Hey, what happened to your hand, are you all right?"
(20:46:23) Zip: Zip swallows, going tight-lipped. "Umm... I had a little accident, earlier. Trying to, um, sharpen a lawnmower blade, and I got kind of klutzy."
(20:50:47) Zip: "So..." he says, smiling again. "If you're ready..." He gestures towards the door, gracefully, then reaches to open it.
(20:53:17) Zip: As he opens it, he glances at his watch and smiles. .oOO( Plenty of time... )
(20:55:34) Zip: "Um, so," Jim says as they start out the door, looking at Kate instead of where they're going, smiling nervously. "How've you..."
(20:55:56) Zip: WHAP. He runs into one of the columns of the sorority's porch.
(21:01:01) Editor: "Omigosh, are you okay?" She reaches down to give him a hand up.
(21:04:33) Zip: "Yeah, I'm... Ahh!" Jim clutches at his right hand suddenly. "Ow... okay... that was dumb of me..."
(21:05:36) Editor: "Oh no! I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking... Are you sure you're okay? What did you do to your hand again?"
(21:09:02) Zip: "Cut it sharpening a lawnmower blade," he says, smiling as he takes her hand again and finishes getting up.
(21:09:22) Zip: "Now," he grins a little, "let's try that again..."
(21:09:42) Zip: He walks her down the steps to the car, and opens the door for her.
(21:10:37) Editor: Kate looks at Jim in mild surprise ...ooO(Wow, what a gentleman. Charlie never opens the car door for me.)
(21:12:43) Zip: Zip closes the door carefully, then starts to walk around the car, clutching his hand once he's out of her sight. .ooO( Now if this just won't start bleeding again... )
(21:15:43) Editor: Kate looks at Jim's hand again. "That seems to be pretty deep for a lawnmower blade... Are you sure you're ok?" She stares intently at his face.
(21:18:39) Zip: "Yeah, I'm fine." He holds up the hand, flexes it a little, trying to smile.
(21:19:12) Zip: "When it swung... uh, I mean, tried to start... it kind of cut a bit deep."
(21:20:01) Editor: Kate arches her eyebrows, "You sure it was a lawnmower blade?"
(21:20:59) Zip: "Yeah." He smiles, a bit too wide. .oo( Uh-oh... )
(21:21:36) Editor: "Well, fine... If you're sure." She says with a "Keep your secrets then" expression.
(21:22:03) Editor: "Anyway, thanks for picking me up, and thanks for the flowers. I love fresh picked flowers..."
(21:40:54) Zip: "You're welcome," Jim says, then reaches up to scratch the back of his head, looking uncomfortable.
(21:41:07) Zip: "Umm... I was kind of lying about the lawnmower thing..."
(21:41:50) Editor: Kate looks fake-surprised, "You were? But why? And what really happened?"
(21:43:01) Zip: "It's kind of embarrassing... I was trying to chop carrots, and I got uncoordinated with the cleaver."
(21:43:12) Zip: "I... I kind of wanted to sound more manly. Sorry."
(21:44:37) Editor: Kate smiles brightly. "Oh, you big silly! I think it's much more impressive that you cook. Not many guys I know how to turn an oven on."
(21:49:01) Zip: "Now you know my secret," Jim says, smiling. "You've got to swear never to tell."

Coming up was it for me.  This was perfect.  The point of this session (and the one immediately preceding it) was to give an indication of what Zip's life is like.  What's it like keeping a secret identity?
Quote from: Log
(21:49:58) Zip: He starts the car and pulls away from the front of the house, heading them out into traffic.
(21:55:12) Editor: As they drive down the street, talking and laughing, Jim notices something odd. There on the roof of that building, it looks like the Specter!
(21:55:54) Zip: Zip's eyes widen, and he swallows. .oO( No... everything's going so well... it can't be him now... )
(21:56:54) Editor: But it IS the Specter! Zip is still thinking, Kate looks over at him and says, "Jim, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."
(22:00:09) Zip: Jim pulls over to the side of the road, stopping the car, and looks at Kate.
(22:00:16) Zip: "I didn't see a ghost. I saw the Specter."
(22:00:23) Zip: Jim hands her the keys. "I'm sorry. I've gotta go. I love you." .... and then he's gone.
(22:01:23) Editor: *
(22:01:24) Editor: *
(22:01:25) Editor: *

How did things go?  Great.  I think that this really highlighted the ways in which the system manages to handle non-heroic (and non-physical) conflicts.  There wasn't any actual fighting, it was all about interpersonal stuff.  The two main conflicts were both Events (which in Capes means that they will happen, but that the exact form they take is not decided): "Zip makes a tough decision" and "Kate finds out the truth".

Some background on the characters can be found here which contains links to the previous threads involving these characters.  Anyway, Kate is Jim Baxter's love interest.  He recently saved her life as Zip but sustained a serious cut to the hand.  Kate has been watching him, she's clearly somewhat suspicious.

This was a great session since there was a serious battle for control of the "Kate finds out the truth" Event, which Zip just barely scraped out a win in.  He decided that the truth Kate learned was that he cooks, a not-so-manly activity.  Immdiately after that I won the "Zip makes a tough decision" Event.  I lead him in with the narration that Zip sees the Specter, give him a chance to react, drive it home (it really IS the Specter), and let him take it all the way.  I was stunned.  It was the kind of excellent story moment that you see in the best of comic books.  The hero fights and fights to win something important to him, and then is forced to give it up...

I know I had fun, and I hope that Travis did.  My current plan is to continue doing stuff with Zip because his story is just really cool to me.  In a couple of weeks I am hoping to have things off the ground with some new characters and we'll see where the story goes from there...


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« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2004, 11:20:12 AM »

Dammit!  Why do I miss these things, time after time?

"In our game the other night, Joshua's character came in as an improvised thing, but he was crap so he only contributed a d4!"
                                     --Vincent Baker
John Kim

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« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2004, 09:04:12 PM »

Quote from: LordSmerf
  I think that this really highlighted the ways in which the system manages to handle non-heroic (and non-physical) conflicts.  There wasn't any actual fighting, it was all about interpersonal stuff.  The two main conflicts were both Events (which in Capes means that they will happen, but that the exact form they take is not decided): "Zip makes a tough decision" and "Kate finds out the truth".
This was a great session since there was a serious battle for control of the "Kate finds out the truth" Event, which Zip just barely scraped out a win in.  He decided that the truth Kate learned was that he cooks, a not-so-manly activity.  Immdiately after that I won the "Zip makes a tough decision" Event.  I lead him in with the narration that Zip sees the Specter, give him a chance to react, drive it home (it really IS the Specter), and let him take it all the way.  I was stunned.  It was the kind of excellent story moment that you see in the best of comic books.  The hero fights and fights to win something important to him, and then is forced to give it up...  

I'm curious: I can't tell from what you posted much of what happened in system terms.  Did you also save the out-of-character channel where the system parts are actually resolved?  Was there much moment-to-moment influence of the system, or did the system just pre-set in broad strokes what the scene should be?

- John

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« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2004, 10:19:02 PM »

John, I do have the out of character channel saved.  Unforunately the actual values of the die rolls are missing from the log.  I'll see if I can get that up tomorrow morning.


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« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2004, 08:41:47 AM »

Well, I'm way late with this, but here is the out of character log.  Some pretty cool stuff happened in my opinion.  I guess you can form your own...

(19:30:41) Editor: ok... give me a minute to re-skim the last session... i'll be back shortly
(19:30:51) Zip: NP. I'm going to get a drink.
(19:35:30) Editor: ok...
(19:36:06) Editor: we need to discuss a couple of things...
(19:36:16) Zip: Fire away.
(19:36:44) Editor: ok... since this is the last session for a bit... (i.e. until we work in some new Heroes) we need to decide what tone to end it on...
(19:36:59) Editor: does Zip get the girl in the end, or do things fall apart?
(19:37:28) Zip: Hm... mostly depends on whether I want to start a new character, I guess...
(19:37:38) Editor: well, do you?
(19:38:03) Zip: Hm. I think not, actually... I rather like Zip.
(19:38:17) Zip: So... things fall apart, the center cannot hold, rough beasts are slouching.
(19:38:17) Editor: me too, so that was what i was hoping your answer would be :)
(19:38:45) Editor: great... well, I think i'm ready...
(19:39:17) Editor: so let's go over this real quick... you borrow Jenny's car...
(19:39:24) Editor: and you go to pick up Kate...
(19:39:56) Editor: i don't really see a good conflict anywhere involved in getting the car, do you?
(19:40:25) Zip: Not a really good one... unless we could come up with some kind of family Duty thing for her to ride him about.
(19:40:48) Editor: not off the top of my head... thought it would be great
(19:41:03) Editor: to illustrate the conflicting things that drive Zip's life...
(19:41:32) Zip: Hmm...
(19:42:12) Zip: Maybe a grandparent in the hospital he hasn't visited?
(19:42:16) Editor: also... i'm planning to have bad guys show up... do you think it works better for them to show up prior to getting Kate (risk of being late) or after (direct risk to Kate, and possible compromise of secret identity)
(19:43:13) Zip: after, I think.
(19:43:39) Editor: ok... so, three conflicting directions: Family, Kate, and Bad Guys...
(19:43:59) Editor: still a problem though...
(19:44:13) Editor: i don't see how we can make a conflict out of the meeting with Jenny...
(19:44:23) Editor: there just doesn't seem to be any clear stakes...
(19:44:31) Editor: you got anything?
(19:45:21) Zip: Hm. Nothing that springs to mind off-hand.
(19:45:34) Zip: original thought had been will or won't he get the car...
(19:45:46) Zip: But there's not a lot of drama there.
(19:45:57) Editor: right...
(19:46:03) Zip: And where we don't have a lot of time, probably better to skip it.
(19:46:06) Editor: PTA could handle that kind of scene...
(19:46:18) Editor: oh well, we'll just know that it happened :)
(19:46:26) Editor: ok... so, picking up Kate...
(19:46:31) Zip: With plenty of time, goal: get the car, and goal: avoid visiting family could work...
(19:47:12) Zip: Okay. Goal: actually get to the party before it ends. :-)
(19:47:21) Editor: haha
(19:47:56) Zip: Goal: keep the car from getting trashed
(19:48:28) Zip: ... and I think that's it on my side. You get to toss in bad-guy related stuff...
(19:49:17) Editor: ok then... and i'll toss in Event: Zip makes a tough choice
(19:49:34) Editor: and Event: Kate learns the truth
(19:49:46) Editor: both nebulous enough to be fun
(19:49:51) Zip: *nod*
(19:50:23) Editor: ok...
(19:50:25) Editor: let's get started
(19:50:37) Zip: I've got 2 debt on Hope and 1 on Truth right now, I believe...
(19:50:51) Zip: which puts me overdrawn by 1 on Hope.
(19:51:25) Editor: my notes don't show you with any on Truth, but i'll take your word for it
(19:51:47) Zip: Hm. I thought it was on Truth... do you have one on anything else for me?
(19:51:55) Zip: The penny I was using to mark it got bumped. :-)
(19:52:27) Editor: no, just 2 in Hope, that's all i have recorded
(19:52:36) Zip: brb... have to restart a My Little Pony video... feel free to set the scene...
(19:52:45) Editor: heh...
(19:53:22) Editor: actually, i think i want you to frame the scene...
(19:53:51) Editor: you have the car and you are almost to Kate's place... it would be cool if you "remembered" your discussion with your sister :)
(19:54:05) Editor: that way we can include it by keeping it "off screen" so to speak
(19:54:07) Zip: Okay.
(19:54:24) Zip: Give me a number of frames. :-)
(19:54:37) Editor: uh... 6 works for me :0
(19:54:41) Editor: :)
(19:59:56) Zip: Whew.
(20:00:12) Editor: nice
(20:00:17) Editor: ok...
(20:00:20) Editor: just a sec...
(20:01:08) Editor: i need to grab Kate's character sheet...
(20:01:29) Zip: NP.
(20:04:08) Editor: dang it.... i should have downloaded that file... do you have a link to Tony's version handy?
(20:04:42) Editor: nm, got it
(20:05:07) Zip: Sorry, was handling a tiny child tantrum. :-/
(20:05:14) Editor: heh... it happens
(20:05:28) Editor: ok... so Page 1, you want to go first? or Kate?
(20:05:42) Zip: Hm. I guess I will...
(20:05:51) Editor: do your thing then...
(20:06:04) Editor: (com'n Dice Bot, don't fail me now...)
(20:06:10) Editor: *c'mon
(20:06:55) Zip: Hmm...
(20:07:05) Zip: I'm thinking she's in a sorority house. Does that work for you?
(20:07:16) Editor: hey, she's your love interest :)
(20:07:28) Editor: so yes, it works for me, and ties in with her Popularity thing :0
(20:07:29) Zip: That way we can throw in a random sorority sister as an "obstacle" if we want to...
(20:07:45) Editor: pretty much wherever she is she's got tons of people to slow you down...
(20:07:57) Editor: i was thinking that she's still getting dressed...
(20:08:04) Zip: Okay. Trying to roll up my die on getting there on time...
(20:08:06) Editor: that'll hurt you in the get there on time department
(20:08:08) Zip: Heh. That fits.
(20:08:15) Editor: roll away
(20:08:19) Zip: I'll go with "laid back" attitude.
(20:08:27) Zip: #roll 1d6
(20:08:37) Editor: not bad...
(20:08:44) Editor: three frames to you then
(20:10:03) Editor: dude, i bet you parked illegally... you get a ticket! that'll be fun!
(20:10:06) Zip: Next!
(20:10:16) Zip: Of course I parked illegally... it's a college campus. :-)
(20:10:40) Zip: No legal parking space is available anywhere within 500 yards of where you want to be.
(20:11:01) Editor: 500 yards? you must have been around much more welcoming campuses than i have :)
(20:11:14) Zip: Well, that's with thirty minutes of searching...
(20:11:18) Editor: ok... Popular girl Skill on being on time...
(20:11:21) Editor: heh, yeah
(20:12:06) Editor: #roll 1d6
(20:12:26) Editor: dice bot! why?!?
(20:12:43) Zip: did you get it the special dice bot treats?
(20:12:51) Zip: It's like a cat... you have to pamper it sometimes.
(20:12:53) Editor: apperently it doesn't want them anymore
(20:13:14) Editor: you don't pamper cats... they just kind of do what they want, and sometimes they are happy with your actions :)
(20:13:22) Editor: so... let's see one frame...
(20:14:20) Zip: do you mean one from me?
(20:15:02) Editor: no, i got it
(20:15:06) Editor: Page 2 i guess now
(20:15:15) Zip: Sounds good.
(20:15:46) Editor: you're up
(20:15:53) Editor: claim making it on time?
(20:16:02) Zip: I think so...
(20:16:04) Editor: might as well... :)
(20:16:37) Editor: and what else?
(20:16:38) Zip: and I'll try to roll up "not getting the car destroyed"...
(20:16:45) Editor: probably a good idea :)
(20:16:59) Zip: using "other people's equipment" power, putting the debt on Love.
(20:17:11) Zip: #roll 1d6
(20:17:20) Editor: better'n nothin'
(20:17:34) Zip: I'm going to Trope it...
(20:17:44) Zip: but first, the first two frames...
(20:17:49) Editor: correct
(20:18:58) Zip: (trope: mess things up in my backwash)
(20:19:08) Zip: #roll 1d6
(20:19:26) Editor: at least it went up :)
(20:19:34) Zip: reaction frame to the girl...
(20:20:24) Zip: (who presumably turned, or he would've flubbed the roll. :-)
(20:20:54) Editor: yeah
(20:21:54) Editor: i really should have use an "Obstructive Pledge Sister" character... ok, that's what i'm doing!
(20:21:56) Zip: ... and over to you, O Mighty GM.
(20:22:15) Editor: ok...
(20:22:40) Editor: using her "No man could be good enough" Attitude :)
(20:22:48) Editor: on making it on time
(20:22:52) Editor: #roll 1d6
(20:23:02) Zip: Ouch.
(20:23:15) Editor: all tied up now buddy
(20:23:34) Zip: And you're going to Trope it, aren't you?
(20:23:43) Editor: no... i'll let you stew :)
(20:23:48) Editor: for now
(20:24:05) Zip: You're an evil, evil man.
(20:24:54) Editor: ok, reaction, i want an awkward reply
(20:25:26) Zip: Good enough?
(20:25:34) Editor: oh yeah
(20:25:36) Editor: and to you
(20:25:37) Editor: Page 3
(20:26:33) Zip: "Wanting to be his own man" attitude on raising "on time"
(20:26:37) Zip: #roll 1d6
(20:26:47) Editor: well then... that worked out for you :)
(20:27:59) Zip: reaction shot, two frames
(20:31:21) Zip: and one frame to you, for Kate upstairs
(20:32:33) Editor: this may hurt poor Jim a bit...
(20:33:26) Zip: That's okay, he's used to it.
(20:33:54) Zip: Okay, your turn.
(20:35:18) Editor: ok... Kate's insight skill on "Kate learns the Truth
(20:35:21) Editor: #roll 1d6
(20:35:29) Editor: no! Dicebot!
(20:35:46) Editor: Trope it with Innocent Look
(20:37:11) Editor: #roll 1d6
(20:37:18) Editor: hurray!
(20:37:42) Zip: Eek!
(20:37:43) Editor: ok...
(20:37:46) Editor: this is going to get rough
(20:37:59) Editor: first frame, Jim's reaction to seeing Kate, she looks _good_
(20:39:04) Editor: perfect :)
(20:39:22) Editor: ok...
(20:39:29) Editor: let's see
(20:39:49) Editor: was it his right or left hand? and is he right or left handed? i think i asked that last time, but i forgot
(20:40:12) Zip: Right and right-handed.
(20:40:19) Editor: ok then...
(20:40:37) Editor: even better, the passenger side is on the left, which puts her closer to the right hand... poor zip...
(20:41:24) Editor: we didn't decide on a "term of endearment" for Kate to have for Jim yet did we?
(20:41:36) Zip: Nope, not yet.
(20:41:44) Editor: let's leave it that way for now...
(20:42:30) Editor: awkward response, maybe he forgot he had them?
(20:42:31) Editor: :)
(20:43:47) Editor: heh...
(20:44:01) Editor: does he have a bandage on his hand or anything like that?
(20:44:10) Zip: Sure. :-)
(20:44:17) Editor: heh, great
(20:44:53) Editor: reaction to Zip
(20:46:46) Editor: hahaha! that's awesome... and i guess it's to you huh?
(20:46:58) Zip: I guess so...
(20:47:10) Zip: What are the values on things now?
(20:47:30) Editor: you win getting there on time... that will happen now
(20:47:34) Editor: 6/3
(20:47:41) Editor: you are winning car survival 3/1
(20:47:53) Editor: we are tied on "Tough decision" 1/1
(20:48:02) Editor: i am winning "Kate learns the Truth" 1/6
(20:48:33) Zip: Okay...
(20:49:10) Zip: Does it take my action to resolve getting there on time?
(20:49:22) Editor: no
(20:49:36) Editor: it happens automatically, and i think technically it happens at the beginning of your turn...
(20:49:41) Editor: as in, right now
(20:49:49) Editor: though you could just make it so that they get out on time
(20:49:56) Zip: *nod*.
(20:49:57) Editor: which implies arriving on time...
(20:53:17) Zip: okay, going to put a point of debt from Hope onto "car survival"
(20:53:17) Zip: ... and we've been forgetting my overdraw. :-(
(20:53:29) Editor: oh yea...
(20:53:38) Editor: we should do that as soon as we are done with this part
(20:53:47) Zip: I'll try to roll up on "learns the truth", using "socially uncomfortable"
(20:53:54) Editor: ok...
(20:54:01) Zip: #roll 1d6
(20:54:24) Editor: well... at least it wasn't a 1...
(20:55:46) Editor: ok... was that roll for being overdrawn or for the Attitude?
(20:56:00) Zip: for the Attitude.
(20:56:04) Editor: ok...
(20:56:23) Zip: classic superhero thing -- "He's so clumsy, he can't be a superhero." :-)
(20:56:39) Editor: yeah... just what i was thinking :)
(20:56:49) Zip: Okay... car survival is my highest die...
(20:56:50) Editor: ok... go ahead and roll for being overdrawn...
(20:56:51) Editor: yeah
(20:56:56) Zip: so let's see what happens to it...
(20:57:04) Zip: #roll 1d6
(20:57:04) Zip: :-)
(20:57:34) Editor: well, nothing happens apperently :)
(20:57:43) Zip: So it seems. :-)
(20:57:53) Zip: To you, then?
(20:58:08) Editor: seems so...
(20:58:13) Editor: Page 4...
(20:58:20) Editor: i'm going to go ahead and claim The Truth
(20:58:53) Editor: and roll up "Tough Decision" with Kate's Confuse attitude
(20:58:57) Editor: #roll 1d6
(20:59:31) Editor: oh, what kind of car is this?
(20:59:51) Zip: Something staid and old...
(21:00:04) Zip: Like, say, a nice, boxy-looking Oldsmobile.
(21:00:25) Editor: right... like an '88 Delta or something...
(21:00:32) Editor: ok...
(21:00:35) Zip: Sounds good.
(21:01:15) Editor: reacition: right hand, she's got a pretty good grip...
(21:05:39) Editor: and to you
(21:05:43) Editor: Overdrawn roll first
(21:05:46) Editor: still on the Car
(21:05:57) Zip: #roll 1d6
(21:06:59) Editor: ok, do your thing then
(21:07:28) Zip: Okay, point of debt from Love onto Kate Learns the Truth...
(21:07:36) Editor: uh oh...
(21:07:41) Zip: I'll invoke "Ignores the Pain" to try to roll it up...
(21:07:45) Zip: #roll 1d6
(21:07:57) Editor: ignores the pain is a power right? where's the Debt going?
(21:08:03) Editor: oh, i see, Love
(21:08:05) Zip: on Love.
(21:08:07) Editor: duh
(21:08:18) Editor: well, that was nice
(21:08:22) Zip: (as I search desperately for things to use for tokens)
(21:09:46) Zip: reaction shot
(21:10:46) Editor: lucky break for you bud
(21:10:52) Zip: Heh.
(21:12:43) Zip: your turn.
(21:13:29) Editor: ok...

Note me using the Gloating rules incorrectly... here it comes!
(21:13:52) Editor: i claimed the truth... and i'm still winning...
(21:14:06) Editor: so i win... but, i think this is not an appropriate time for that so, Gloat!
(21:14:33) Editor: here it comes... 1 frame of Gloating
(21:15:51) Editor: and i'll claim it again...

At this point, if I obeyed the rules, I should have reset my 6 to a 1...  I don't know if I'm entirely comfortable with that since it would have robbed the scene of pretty much all of its tension.  I sort of like the idea that Gloating doesn't weakend your position, but that it provides an oppurtunity for your opponent to catch up...  Perhaps Gloating counts as an action?  So if you Gloat you don't get to roll?  Anyway, moving on...
(21:16:21) Editor: ok... Cheerful attitude on "Tough Decision"
(21:16:23) Editor: #roll 1d6
(21:16:33) Editor: that's wha i'm taking about
(21:16:57) Zip: Eek!
(21:16:58) Editor: ok... 6 frames
(21:17:19) Editor: first, you get to respond to her query, and then maybe try to throw her off a bit more...
(21:17:36) Editor: i wouldn't mind if you stumbled a bit and she realizes that you are "keeping secrets" from her
(21:17:42) Editor: that's great conflict right there
(21:17:47) Editor: so, 2 Frames to you
(21:19:33) Editor: nice...
(21:20:06) Editor: reaction, 1 frame...
(21:21:09) Editor: ok...
(21:22:44) Editor: to you now
(21:23:04) Zip: okay... what are the values now?
(21:23:52) Editor: car 3/1 your favor
(21:24:04) Editor: Truth 5/6 my favor, i have it claimed
(21:24:12) Editor: Tough Choice 1/6 my favor
(21:24:18) Editor: you're going to have to roll that 5 down
(21:26:45) Zip: 5 down?
(21:26:59) Editor: aren't you still overdrawn on Hope?
(21:27:36) Zip: No, I put one from it on car survival.
(21:28:12) Editor: oh, i thought that was Lover, never mind then
(21:28:17) Zip: Bleh... and I forgot about that last turn...
(21:28:17) Editor: *Love
(21:28:24) Zip: I've put two points on two different things...
(21:28:39) Zip: not the best rolling strategy, but I'm sort of trying to shift things around.
(21:28:49) Editor: yeah...
(21:29:12) Editor: well, then you're up, whatcha going to do?
(21:29:18) Zip: So... I think I put the one from Love on "finds the truth"...
(21:29:39) Zip: I'll put another on it from Love, and split my 5 into a 2 and a 3...
(21:30:35) Editor: ok...

Tony and I have discussed this before, but I still feel that the way splitting dice works is a bit clunky.  I've got some ideas, but that's for some other time...
(21:38:57) Zip: Okay...
(21:39:05) Zip: trying to figure out what to use...
(21:39:29) Zip: how would you feel about using an attitude in reverse? I.e., he's having to suppress it to keep his secret ID?
(21:39:42) Editor: that sounds great to me!
(21:40:01) Zip: Okay... rolling on Desire for Glory, then, trying to roll up the 2.
(21:40:06) Zip: #roll 1d6
(21:40:16) Editor: well then...
(21:40:28) Editor: 6 frames to you...
(21:41:12) Zip: reaction shot
(21:43:17) Editor: "You chop carrots with a CLEAVER?!?"
(21:43:18) Editor: :)
(21:43:22) Zip: and another reaction shot
(21:43:42) Zip: Heh.
(21:43:46) Zip: Well... it's fast...
(21:44:01) Zip: ... and it was there...
(21:44:26) Zip: We better wrap this up soon. I'm out of attitudes. ;-)
(21:45:03) Editor: heh...
(21:45:11) Editor: claim Truth
(21:45:27) Zip: Okay. I claim Truth!
(21:45:36) Editor: heh
(21:45:58) Zip: So, she's learned the truth... that Zip has no idea how to use utensils correctly. :-)
(21:46:08) Editor: well, she hasn't learned it yet :)
(21:46:14) Editor: that or he knows how to cook
(21:47:15) Editor: ok... i've got nothing, i'll claim Tough Decision... and then pass... i've got nothing
(21:47:29) Editor: so, Truth resolves... 6 frames to you again
(21:47:37) Zip: Okay. New page...
(21:47:58) Zip: I've got nothing to really use either... so resolve everything where they stand?
(21:48:00) Editor: yep
(21:48:36) Zip: Okay, so... resolving Truth.
(21:48:56) Editor: yeah... i gotta run grab something, i'll be back in 2 minutes
(21:49:03) Editor: feel free to start narration
(21:50:20) Editor: and back
(21:50:37) Zip: Let's see... that was 3/6:5, I think?
(21:50:50) Zip: So I get a one-point Inspiration out of it?
(21:50:55) Editor: 3+6/6
(21:51:23) Zip: Okay... so that would be no Inspiration, since highest dice were tied.
(21:51:23) Editor: actually, and a +1 Inspiration isn't really useful
(21:51:27) Editor: right
(21:51:36) Editor: you get unlimited +1 inspirations...
(21:51:37) Zip: Still, I got rid of two points of Debt. :-)
(21:51:39) Editor: true
(21:51:44) Editor: and i got two Story Tokens :)
(21:51:53) Editor: ok...
(21:51:59) Zip: (represented by a serial cable end cover and a tack)
(21:52:07) Editor: ha
(21:52:16) Editor: you also get a turn, so what are you going to do?
(21:52:27) Editor: it's 3/1 on the car and 1/6 on the Tough Choice
(21:52:29) Zip: I'll pass too.
(21:53:02) Zip: Oh, and claim the Car one.
(21:53:10) Editor: ok... resolving Tough Choice... 6 frames...
(21:53:46) Zip: This should be fun...
(21:54:04) Editor: trying to think of the perfect choice to force you into...
(21:54:23) Editor: ah... i have it...
(21:54:30) Editor: *ahem*
(21:55:17) Editor: one frame reaction to you!
(21:56:34) Zip: Umm...
(21:56:54) Zip: I've got a nice sudden idea for a cliffhanger ending off of that...
(21:57:03) Editor: three frames to you
(21:57:23) Zip: Okay. Time to turn things around in a big way. :-)
(21:57:53) Editor: so, you are closing this Event out
(21:58:15) Zip: Yeah... let me run it by you over here first...
(21:58:30) Zip: Jim pulls over to the side of the road, stopping the car, and looks at Kate.
(21:58:30) Editor: ok
(21:58:52) Zip: "I didn't see a ghost. I saw the Specter."
(21:59:32) Zip: Jim hands her the keys. "I'm sorry. I've gotta go. I love you." .... and then he's gone.
(22:00:00) Editor: oh wow...
(22:00:03) Editor: do it!
(22:00:06) Editor: do it!
(22:00:07) Zip: :-D
(22:00:17) Editor: it'll end the issue, but man is it a perfect end!
(22:00:44) Zip: Like I said, nice cliffhanger, I think...
(22:00:47) Editor: booya!
(22:00:55) Editor: nice set-up, brilliant in fact
(22:01:01) Zip: Thanks. :-)
(22:01:08) Editor: i guess my plan for this to be the last session for a bit is gone... we have got to play this out!
(22:01:15) Zip: Heh...
(22:01:27) Zip: I was thinking this could be a good point to bring others in...
(22:01:33) Editor: oh yeah... i agree...
(22:01:55) Zip: At least, if they don't mind joining an already-set-up confrontation.
(22:02:06) Editor: heh... we'll see...
(22:02:16) Editor: however, i _do_ want to get this little arc closed off...
(22:02:25) Editor: a preliminary defeat of the Specter would be great
(22:02:26) Zip: The funny part, I think...
(22:02:32) Editor: then we can start with a blank slate (sort of)
(22:02:39) Zip: is me winning Truth, then throwing it away. :-)
(22:03:00) Editor: yeah
(22:03:03) Editor: i love that!
(22:03:33) Editor: there's this kind of... "Well, you gotta do what you gotta do..."
(22:04:10) Zip: *nod*
(22:04:22) Zip: And it's classic superhero, I think...
(22:04:32) Zip: He has what he wants, then has to give it up.
(22:05:13) Editor: yeah
(22:06:24) Zip: Got the logs? If so, I'm gonna drop out of the capes chats...
(22:06:53) Editor: yeah... i got it
(22:07:04) Zip: okay

Once again, no one hoses characters like their own players.  I really felt that this was great, I tossed Travis a Bang with the Specter, and his response was perfect...

So yeah, it was a whole lot of fun...


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John Kim

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« Reply #5 on: November 15, 2004, 02:48:11 PM »

Aha.  Interesting.  Because I found it hard to follow, I did a quick sort operation to put the lines into order according to time.  To be a good citizen, I put this up on the web so other people can look at it, too.  


So I put in OOC in red, with IC in black, and sorted according to time.  I haven't done play-by-chat -- the closest I've come is MUDding, so it's a little tough to compare.  Still, it's very interesting.

- John

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« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2004, 05:22:19 PM »

Thanks a lot John...  I really need to get an IRC client which logs both seperate and combined so that I can do that.  I find it easier to play with seperate rooms, but often easier to review a single log...


Current projects: Caper, Trust and Betrayal, The Suburban Crucible
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