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MLWM rules confusion: overtures and intimacy

Started by clehrich, November 21, 2004, 06:40:26 PM

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I'm a little confused.  Am I right that when making an overture (to get Love), you can use an Intimacy/Desperation/Sincerity bonus if the approach warrants it?  I'm having a little trouble imagining a situation in which one would make an overture and not get such a die, one way or another, which is why I'm confused.

Chris Lehrich

GB Steve

You might, for example, contrive that a puppy is put in danger so that you can rescue it for its owner.

Mike Holmes

Steve's right. Further, I've actually seen people struggle with finding a die in some odd situations. For example, you're in prison, and want to make an overture to the guard. You can't be intimate, you're denied contact. You can't really act desperately - what are you going to do, you're in a cell? And sincerity is hard to come up with in any situation.

Depends on how tough the GM is in his requirements, of course. From another POV, the player has quite a bit of lattitude, and can get any of these dice at any time if they try hard enough. But that's just it, it's merely a matter of player effort. If they engage the audience appropriately, they'll get the die. Sometimes players just don't feel it's important to try. Getting that die can be a lot of "work" - what it really is, is a matter of the player displaying some real emotion for the other players. Which is just rare for social reasons.

So, basically, I think that the considerations in an overture are really no different than elsewhere. It's always a matter of just how much you want that die.

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Ron Edwards

Hi Chris,

My impression is that if you can't imagine not using/getting/bestowing a bonus die of some kind during an Overture, then you are already cooking with gas, and should pat yourself on the back. That is definitely in the "no problem here in this bunny hutch" category.