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Micro Wars - The simple war game

Started by Clay, May 23, 2001, 01:05:00 AM

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Somebody in another forum complained that there didn't seem to be any gamist action here.  To counteract that trend, I've put up my web site for Micro Wars, a simple wargame that I invented to entertain my girlfriend's son.  You can grab a preliminary copy of the rules from

This web site also represents a hybrid between my mania for automation and Ron's suggestion that any distribution should require e-mailing the author.  The e-mail with file attachment is sent automatically from my web page, and looks entirely as if it came from me.  I get a copy of the name and e-mail address of the person who requested the file.

I'm pretty happy with both the game and the cool distribution trick that I pulled off.  If anybody here would like to use this same automation feature, drop me a message via e-mail.
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