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just trying to improve the links

Started by sophist, December 01, 2004, 03:19:06 PM

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After aquiring SORCERER I followed the cue to to delve more into independent roleplaying. And i must say it payed off splendidly. The resource page on the forge here is really a great starting points. Thx.

However while methodically following the links on free RPGs, I encountered some problems: about a dozen of the games were inaccessible. You might consider to remove them from the list, or update the links (as some games turned up in unexspected places (e.g. wraith and minion from Ian Millington). here are they:

Bumps In The Night
Dystopia: America 2155AD
Ghost Light  
Legends of Alyria demo scenario
everything by vin darkow
Micronauts: Space Opera Role-playing
Minima RPGNine Worlds
Open Dice RPG
Phantasmal Lights
Pumpkin Town
Quick & Painless Rules
Shadow Bindings
The Hive
The Versus system
thw world, the flesh, the devil
Transcendence 3rd ed
Two Page Action Movie RPG
vs. Monsters
Everyone is John

further I have a question concerning policy which is a "free" or "commercial" game. mind you, I am not saying that commercial stuff cannot be independent, but my forrays into the world of free gaming
landed me at quite a few placed that turned out to be "money-only". here is the list:

It's a dog's life
kill puppies for satan
System DL
Tales from the Dark Wheel
Tales of Gaea

I might add that I may overlooked something here, as I only started recording dead ends at some point into the project, when it became appearent that a thoughrough ordering of the games (by source so far) would be useful. Thus some games ended up in above categories.
I must also admit that there is some judgement in subsuming "Tales of Gaea" under commercial, while "Lashings of Ginger beer" not. I simply feel that LoGB is fairly useful in the free version while ToG only presents mere fragments. But I am willing to discuss this judgement, as it is not set in stone (if there is interest only, of course).

the point of posting it here is that I convey this info in bulk, than rather link by link. IMO it's easier to do the  editing serverside, especially since the pages seem to be php generated.
Having often little time, i can only intervene.

Ron Edwards

Hi there,

Thanks for the work you've done! Clinton and I will do some cleaning-up, but it's not going to be immediate.



I just checked the link for ORX (being that it is my game) in the resource library, and it worked fine. The direct URL is thus: and that page also contains a link to the site.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with those links, and what time you were trying to access the site, and I will see if I can track down where the problem is!


Finally, Ron & Clinton, when you do update, ORX should probably be switched into the Commercial game category. The free version of the game has been off-line for at least six months...though the character creation chapter is available for free. Hrm, your call.

PS: because I know Marco, I checked the JAGs link...and JAGs comes up. You may wish to try some of those links again to see if they work after all!
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M. J. Young

I am aware that Vincent's Kill Puppies for Satan was a free game for quite some time, but only recently went to print and became commercial. That would explain why it was still listed as free here, and that may apply to some of the other games so listed.

--M. J. Young


JAGS was down temproarily--that happens, and as I'm in Japan right now it takes some doing to address it :) But we're alive and kicking--you can even order a printed, color cover, perfect bound copy of JAGS-2!

Thanks for checking Raven!

JAGS (Just Another Gaming System)
a free, high-quality, universal system at:
Just Released: JAGS Wonderland


And the Legends of Alyria scenarios have moved to  I didn't even think to update the link here.  I'd do it myself, but I don't know how....
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