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The Forge and The Forge Studios

Started by Maciek Zagorski, December 09, 2004, 12:49:30 PM

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Maciek Zagorski

About a year ago we started a new Polish project called The Forge Studios.
We wanted to create a little outstanding and non-conventional project - we wanted to publish supplements that are a mixture of plans and visualization of places together with ideas for adventures. So far we have succeeded. And so far we have done it for free (you can check our FREE PDFs - just download them from our website).
Our future plans are to become a commercial publisher. We are going to sell our future PDFs by entities like and thus we would like to make a little statement:
We'd like to inform you that the name of our company (The Forge Studios) isn't connected in any way to the Forge and similarity of our names is simply a coincidence. We don't pretend to any past and future the Forge's products and don't want to be found guilty of any kind of plagiarism.
We are sure that we (the Forge and The Forge Studios) can co-exist without any problems just as we do it now.
Maciek Zagórski
Co-owner and founder of The Forge Studios

Ron Edwards

Hello Maciek,

The good news is that the Forge (this website) isn't a company and doesn't sell anything. It's just a website.

That means there is no potential conflict of interest in having the same, or similar names. So I agree with you, and wish you good luck with publishing!