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Smurf smurf smurf

Started by Tim Denee, February 06, 2002, 07:41:51 AM

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Tim Denee

Godstruth, I just smurfed Smurf: the Smurfing. 'Smurf' has smurfed all meaning for me. Not that it had any meaning in the first smurf. I wish I could smurf what I smurfed of the game, but I can't get round all the 'smurf'.

But, boy, I did love that show.

I can just smurf all the power-struggles that would ensue if Papa Smurf died. There was always chaos whenever he left; Brainy would act like a dick and cause problems and Jokey would make the problems worse and Grumpy would hate things.

I *hate* role-playing games.

James V. West


So now Papa is dead and his wraith-like form wanders the forest dolling out advice from beyond the grave. But instead of solid smurfy advice, he's giving weird, cryptic advice that only lands the poor disorganized Smurf village into more chaos and violence.

Meanwhile, Gargamel's wraith is busy chasing Smurfette's ghost around like an 18-year-old. What a smurfed up situation. Who's the hero? Where's our new leader?