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Let me tell you about my characters

Started by Grover, December 17, 2004, 11:09:15 PM

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Now that I'm on break, I'm writing up all the things that I haven't had a chance to during school.  Here are a pair of characters I thought up after reading about Dogs in the Vinyard.  I'll post the characters first, and add some thoughts afterwards.

Daniel Clearwater
 Daniel Clearwater is a devout young man.  Ever since he was a boy, people knew that he would be a Dog.  He gets along with people, and enjoys helping them.  He hates any form of violence, and can usually solve problems by persuasion.

Well Rounded

Acuity 5
Heart 5
Body 4
Will 3

I'm trustworthy d6
They made me learn how to shoot d4
I am a peacemaker d8
I like people, and people like me d8
I love to read the Book of Life d6
I am a persuasive speaker d6
I am at home with the rituals of the church d6

The steward who sent me to Bridal Falls d8
John Marshall - a friend of mine who moved away when I was 14 d6
3d6 1d8 free

Coat 2d6 - His coat was made by the quilting circle in the church he grew up in.
Gun 2d4 - He carries a new gun, because he has to.  He carries it unloaded, and keeps the ammo for it in the bottom of his pack
Book 2d6 - He has a beautifully illustrated Book of Life, which he enjoys reading to children out of

I hope I persuaded someone to turn away from the path of violence

Michael Stone
 Michael Stone is a character designed to be brought into an existing campaign.  He's a Dog who needs to join a group of Dogs, because his old group was wiped out at a little town called Horse Falls.  He's seen what happens when demons get to a town, and he's determined to spend his life fighting demons.  Despite his skill with his guns, he knows that anyone can die in a gunfight, and he figures it'll probably happen to him sooner or later.

Strong History

Acuity 3
Heart 2
Body 3
Will 5

I kill demons for the Lord 2d8
My guns have saved my life 2d10
But I keep a knife handy too d8
I memorized all the bits in the Book of Life which talk about exorcisms d8
I am too ornery to die d10
I am one scary looking son of a bitch 2d6
I love the wilderness d6

The person I saved from Horse Falls 1d8
Steward Josephson 2d6
1d4, 1d6, 1d8 free

Coat d6 - A slightly worn homemade coat with quite a few patches where he's been shot or stabbed.  A strip on the bottom has been torn off to use as a bandage.
Old revolver 2d6 - The only gun he brought to Horse Falls.  Well cared for.
A brand new high caliber hunting rifle 2d8 - He wished he had one in Horse Falls, and he got one as soon as he could.
Spare revolver d6 - Just in case
Shotgun d8 - Sometimes a shotgun is a better weapon
Bowie knife d8 - Tucked prominently in his belt
Knife d6 - Sturdy straight blade.  Hidden in his boot

I hope I got someone out of Horse Falls alive.

 Clearly, both of these characters are strongly suited to address the theme of violence.  Daniel hates violence, and won't use it when he should, and Michael has embraced violence.  I've found it interesting to approach character creation as you would approach making a town.  
 Daniel's sin is Pride.  He is proud of his ability to persuade people to settle things peacefully, and does not recognize that it will not always be sufficient to solve the problem.  
 Michael's sin is Despair.  After the great tragedy he witnessed at Horse Falls, he  has come to the realization that no matter how good you are, you can die through no fault of your own.  He knows that guns are a poor weapon against demons, but he believes that they are all he has.  He doesn't have faith that the King of Life will make things better in the end.
 I would love to have the opportunity to play these characters serially, with the same group.  Start with Daniel.  He will eventually stop being a Dog, either after he gives up his pride, or after his pride leads him to take a risk that gets him killed.  Then bring in Michael and see how the group reacts to him.