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How do you sell Dogs to your players?

Started by Yokiboy, December 23, 2004, 08:30:26 PM

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Quote from: lumpleyNothing in the rules breaks. The players' (not PCs') relationships with the NPCs break.

If you set up to play SSitV, you must make town rules where having a Jew in your town means that other townspeople go hungry.

What you can't do if you set up to play DitV or SSitV is go without town creation rules at all. My impatience with SSitV and all its type is that I'm not seeing any town creation rules. Bring 'em on.
This is the reason that I'm trying to convince my players to play the RAW at least once, before we start messing with the game. I know that adapting DitV to Judge Dredd is possible, but I don't want to mess around with the conversion prior to testing the original design.

I do find the rules for Creating Towns rather intimidating though, and feel that this is where I lose potential players. It just seems like in order to actually root out what's wrong in town, the players will have to understand how stewardship, male/female roles, sex/love/marriage, et al work in the setting. The guys I play with are good roleplayers, but lazy as all hell, and I don't see them reading the rules.

Could it be as easy as the example in the How to GM chapter:
Quote from: DitV"Sister Abigail comes to you and asks you to marry her to her lover, Brother Ezekiel. Yes, they've been having an illicit affair and he's already married. What do you do?"
That is, could, or perhaps should, I as the GM spell out Mormonism's views on in-game situations? Here's another example from the same chapter:
Quote from: DitV"Things are awful! This person's sleeping with this other person not with me, they murdered the schoolteacher, blood pours down the meeting house walls every night!"
Hmm... I think I'm starting to understand how this works. I'm still battling the effects of 20 years of simulationist roleplaying. Alright, I feel better about my chances of getting a game together now.





It's very easy to communicate the NPCs' expectations to the players, and that's all you have to do. Just have the NPCs be fine and comfy with some things and outraged about other things, that's all the "Mormonism's take" you need.

The players need to know what the character creation chapter says about towns going bad, no more.



Thanks for the help Vincent, and others. I am so psyched to be running this game. Looks like it will happen two weeks from now. Now if I can only get a game of Sorcerer off the ground as well I'll be in gamer heaven.

I am dying to try the conflict resolution system, it seems damn close to perfect IMNSHO.  :)



Eric Provost

Just wanted to pipe back in & say good luck.  I think you'll really enjoy how it turns out, even if it is a bit bumpy at first.  I'd love to see an Actual Play post updating us all on how your players feel about the game after a single session.