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Author Topic: [Sorc]Superhero-Cyberpunk-Angels.  (Read 1878 times)

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« on: January 04, 2005, 03:20:28 AM »

Idiom: Superheoic-angels in cyberpunk-apocalypse, goofy irreverent fun.

Inspirations: Spawn, The Preacher, Hellboy, Aberrent, X-Men(Paticularly Night Crawler), The Prohecy, Demon: The Fallen(An excellent thread on Rpg.net morsso than the actual game.), A game whose name I forget and will find the name of soon.

Setting: In the near future, life sucks. Disease, strife, organized crime, political/corporate corruption, overbearing technology, signs of the apocalypse, all those are set on 11. Therefore the world is lucky in a way to have Angels, people capable of taking the world into their hands.

"And he will gain the power to do and know anything... And he was known throughout the underworld as... an ass." - Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Sorcerers: Angels were all once regular men, but through incredible means, showed God that they should be gifted with his divine power, a sort of extension of Free Will over reality, an amazing power and a much longer rope to hang themselves with.

"Optimus... I'm, not worthy" - Ultra Magnus, Transformers the Movie.

Humanity: Humility, an essential aspect of angels that wish to stay in God's grace, which displays seeking to give credit to the greater good rather than oneself, showing patience and meekness.

Humanity gain: Emphasizing others above onself, showing patience and mercy for adversity, personal sacrifice, treating oneself as a man and not a God, banishing Angelic Machinery.

Humanity Loss: Emphasizing oneself above others, being merciless and relentless at the cost of others, sacrificng others for oneself, making sure everyone knows you're a God, Contacting, Summoning, and Binding Angelic Machinery.

Humanity Zero: You go on God's shit list. He keeps you around as an object lesson, but does his best to help you make your life a shamble of what it once was.

"Hand over the Matrix, Can-head!" - Ultra Magnus(Paraphrased), Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Demons: Angelic Machinery, the powers that Angels wish to make manifest. Its literrely pulled out from an Angel's insides. Creating it is a Humanity Violation in that they are the essence of perfection and celebration of power, which invariably leads to Pride. God'd prefer you just take your hits like any regular bag of meat, but lets you use this power in the hope that you'd keep it sparingly.

Parasites: Angelic Machinery parts. Typically glowing white, and extremely ornamental cybernetics with a defininte anachronistic/gothic appearance.

Objects: Tools, such as Light-sabre-like weapons.

Passers: Strange creatures, usually with a stained-glass-like appearance.

Needs & Desires: Needs tend to be fairly trivial stuff like oil and holy water, Desires tend to be a skip away from Pride, such as Worship and Majesty, with the occasinial Mayhem or Mischief.


Big - You've got a strong, large body.
Combat Training - Police, Military, or martial arts expertise.
Just Healthy - What it sounds like.
Savage Upbringing - Sob story cases.

God's Will - You think you're performing it, anyway. Even with your access you could very well be wrong, he doesn't tend to be very forward with a lot of things.

Martyr - Self-sacrifice and persecution complexes.

Hot-Shot - You think you're something special. While it can be maintained in a pieous, Humanity-positive individual, it's also the defining charistic of a certain someone downstairs.

Do-Gooder - Someone needs to clean the streets.

Technophile - You know all about different kinds of technologies, and it allows you to mess with the more mechanical aspects of Angelic Machinery moreso than your peers. Also used for technological competence.

Enlightened - You know alot about religious history, spirtituality and whatnot, so the whole act comes more naturally to you. Also used for more general religious knowledge.

Mentor - You fall into a common set up of Angels teaching new recruits and use it as a spur of education.

Apprentice - Same as the above, but on the other side.

Eager - You really can't wait to try these babies out. Works well with Humanity trading down.

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Please call me Judd.

« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2005, 04:50:13 AM »

I'm intrigued by the Humanity 0 definition but how would you handle it once a player hit 0?  How long would they have to play a PC that god shits on?


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« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2005, 12:59:57 PM »

I'm thinking of using this setting for a one-shot, so it didn't really occur to me, but I imagine hitting Humanity 0 would result in the following choice:

A) Retire the character. He has a very miscelleny dark end and pick up a new character sheet next session.

B) Do something with your new pariah status - Wage a war against God's other angels, try to take someone down with you, or find redemption. Any of which could end up with following A directly afterward, or set a new purpose and direction for the character to play otherwise.

Also, I think that the game'd be in-genre(Drawing from the bible) to follow Ron's pressure-giving advice pre-revision. That is, characters with high Humanity are given much more pressure than low-humanity characters. God likes to test people with diseases if they've been really good.
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