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Number of guests

Started by jrs, January 24, 2005, 12:21:04 PM

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Has anyone else noticed that the number of guests at the site has jumped significantly over the past month?  Before, say Christmas, the number of guests could be as high as 30 or so; now it seems to regularly register in the hundreds.  Has the site really become that much more popular, or is there some technical glich going on?



Early this month, my Forge cookies died twice, such that I entered as a guest, not logged in.  If I hadn't noticed this, I would have posted as a guest; I don't know if I appeared as a guest wherever it is you found the statistics.

My guess is that this isn't just me, but something that has happened to a number of people.  If that's true, the jump in guests might be primarily a glitch.
Chris Lehrich