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Same Dog, different groups

Started by Ginger Stampley, January 29, 2005, 01:58:37 PM

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Ginger Stampley

I got my copy of DitV a couple of weeks ago and have been enthused about running and playing. I've got a number of people who might be interested in the game, but it looks like it's not going to be one large group. Instead, it appears we'll do a game here with group A and a game there with group B.

Since my husband will be playing pretty much every time I run, I'm wondering whether it would be better for him to have several different Dogs or for him to just use the same itinerant Dog with different groups. I don't know how much character creation will interest him if he has to do it several times, and I don't see anything in the rules that suggests there's a problem running an experienced Dog with less experienced Dogs (in fact, the part in the text about retiring Dogs suggests the opposite).

Has anybody run into this issue? How did it work out?
My real name is Ginger

Christopher Weeks

One thing to consider is that the Dogs aren't supposed to be created in isolation and then gotten together at the last minute.  There's a dynamic taking place during group character creation that makes for more powerful play.  As the players are bouncing ideas around and bringing each other into the process, they become invested in all the characters.  Now, sometimes you just have to make things work and getting to actually play takes precedence, but when possible, I'd suggest group character creation.  And it's not like an onerously long process.

By the way, I believe Vincent is just down the road from you in East Brunswick this weekend as part of the Indie RPG Explosion at Dreamation 2005.  It might be a fun jaunt if you have a day to spare and an interest in demoing a bunch of great indie games, including Dogs...

Ginger Stampley

I want to do character creation during play. The thing is, I've got three different groups I may end up playing with at least once, and I may yet end up with another. I don't know whether any of these would work out to be regular groups. For some people character creation is a blast, but I can see it palling after the second or third time.

Thanks for the tip about Dreamation. I don't know if we'll make it, but it would be nice to ask Vincent in person!
My real name is Ginger


My advice is just simply to leave the options open. Whichever way you do it will be fine.

I suspect that you'll wind up creating all unique characters for each group - when the time comes, your husband will be like, "y'know, I think I'll make a new character too, that's cool." But either way will work.


Ginger Stampley

Thanks, Vincent. I'll let you know how it works out.
My real name is Ginger