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"The Raddest RPG ever."

Started by sirogit, February 09, 2005, 05:56:03 AM

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The premise: Its both the raddest RPG ever and the RPG that most of the free-world is playing and doesn't know it yet. Its about being cybernetic monkey freakjobs partly, but its mostly about being a gigantic dork.

Players take on the part of totally awesome things. The GM takes on the part of totally awesome things that want to destroy the players. The Players respond by explaining how bad-ass they are, like how they have robotic tendrils which shoot ice and know martial arts, and being robotic, they have no sympathy and can unleash their full strength, so that they can obliterate thier enemies.

All of the players have a level. This level explains how much Embellishments they can use on an action. Embellishments are descriptions of parts of a character which make them well-suited to the job and totally awesome, and are improvised by the player on the spot. Embellishments provide dice for actions according to how "new" the Embellishment is. Something never used before gets a d20, something never used in this session gets a d10, and something used in this session gets a d6.

Elaborations are when you explain how two or more Embellishments can work together to be better than the sum of all parts. An example would be This guy is playing some dude named Rick and is fighting an octopus demon, and he takes this time to explain that: (Emb 1)He's Dracula, (Emb2)He knows kung fu, (Emb3)He's self-taught, and than goes on to combine the Embellishments, by saying that (Elaboration 1, Emb2+Emb3) This means that he was taught by Dracula(!), (Elaboration 2, Emb1+Emb2+Emb3), And being self-taught, he's the undisputed master of Dracula-fu.  

The dice added under Elaborations are counted together in conflict resoloution.

Conflict resoloution proceeds as this: One side creates Embellishments/Elaborations, rolls dice, the other side creates Embellishments/Elaborations, rolls dice, compare the highest. However higher a number the winner got, the loser takes that much damage, which reduces his effective Level by it. The consequence of a non-player character gong to Level 0 is death. The consequence of a player-character going to Level 0 is to wake up after the non-player character achieved some small victory, and to gain a level.

Levels are otherwise gained thusly: Anytime you add together your opponent's highest number and your highest number and it is more than the Square of your Level, you can write down all Embellishments, and than later that week, in a personal social situation, relate to that person your story of what "My guy did", making sure to mention every relevant Embellishment. If that person is unintereasted, you just raised a level.


Ok. Well, this thread made me laugh slightly, but what exactly do you want to discuss?
Looking for some gamers in Sacramento...


The elements I'm working on right now are:

1) Rewarding the use of Pastiche.

2) The Possibly of changing the rules so that "First time in session" is rewarded better than "Never used before.". and what the consequences of such a thing are.

3) Possibly altering the rules so that the second or third Levels are gained quicker, but still reliant on the "My guy did this" stories.